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The trouble with Rachel Dawes

Syfy Wire - 18 Jul 2018
Chase Meridian, Vicki Vale, and Rachel Dawes are all career-oriented women with a strange focus on vigilantism, and their appearances in the Batverse tend to involve stretching their job titles in a way that makes them relevant to Batman. In Rachel's ...
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What's the Best Trailer Before 1990?

The Ringer (blog) - 17 Jul 2018
In lieu of an expository voice-over, the trailer used images and dialogue to introduce the characters (Vicki Vale, meet Bruce Wayne) and give just enough of a sense of the story (Bruce Wayne, meet the Joker) without spoiling it. Why include a title ...
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A Timeline of Batman and Catwoman's 78-Year Courtship

Vulture - 12 Jul 2018
Batman's caped crusading and unresolved orphan issues don't allow him to open his heart often. But he's come close to finding love with one individual: Catwoman. In a stunning turn of events, Batman recently asked Catwoman to marry him, and the two ...
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20 Batman Lovers Who Could Replace Catwoman

Bounding Into Comics (blog) - 02 Jul 2018
Vicki Vale has been an on again/off again romantic partner with Bruce Wayne since nearly the beginning. She's typically seen as a reporter/photographer and most of her incarnations involve her working to find out Batman's identity which leads to her ...
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The Five Best Kim Basinger Movies of Her Career

TVOvermind - 22 Jun 2018
Vicki Vale was the typical reporter type in the vision of Batman that Tim Burton brought to the big screen. She played the love interest in Bruce Wayne's life during the movie, but was not quite as attracted to the character of Batman as other women ...
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The secret history of Batwoman

Syfy Wire - 20 Jun 2018
Batwoman had a couple of predecessors as Bruce or Batman's significant other, including a socialite named Julie Madison, a reporter named Vicki Vale, and even Catwoman, but Kathy seemed the most hell-bent on getting that ring around her finger.
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Today's top celebrity birthdays list (December 8, 2017) - 08 Dec 2017
Fun fact: Kim replaced actress Sean Young as Vicki Vale in 'Batman' after Young broke her arm in a horse-riding accident. Teri Hatcher. Photo: Associated Press. Actress Teri Hatcher, 53. Fun fact: Hatcher's first television role was on 'The Love Boat'.
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RISING: DeAndre Yedlin

U.S. Soccer (press release) (blog) - 16 Jul 2018
“The big conversation on sidelines in American soccer that parents talk about, 'Oh, do you think he's good enough to get a scholarship to college,'” says Vicki, acknowledging the family's goal for DeAndre at the time. “At least at that point, people ...
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Drac and Family on Summer Vacation Expected to Lead Boxoffice

HNN - 28 Jun 2018
and Kim Basinger is photo journalist Vicki Vale, out to discover his real identity. With original songs by Prince and a marvelously maniacal performance by Jack Nicholson (“Where does he get those wonderful toys?”) as the Joker (“I have given a name to ...
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How Many People Know Who Batman Is in the DCEU?

IGN - 09 Feb 2018
But ever since Alfred escorted Vicki Vale into the Batcave back in 1989 because he thought she was Bruce's soulmate after one date, the Batman films have had some issues when it comes to keeping secrets. Even Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy had the Caped ...
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'Gotham' Season 3 Will Officially Introduce Young Vicki Vale

ScreenCrush - 10 Jun 2016
As to how Vicki Vale will emerge in the Gotham world, we'll meet the character as an ambitious young journalist, with casting geared toward an actor in their late 20s. That's a little advanced to be trading flirtation with a young Bruce Wayne, so it ...
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'Gotham' Season 3 Adds Jamie Chung With a Vicki Vale Twist

ScreenCrush - 21 Jun 2016
Gotham has been curiously opaque with its Season 3 casting of Bat-reporter Vicki Vale, first describing the character as “Valerie,” where now it seems the truth was somewhere in the middle. Once Upon a Time alum Jamie Chung has landed the Gotham ...
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A Brief History of Bat-Marriage

Gizmodo - 13 Oct 2017
The very first time we saw a Bat-Marriage, in 1953's Batman #79, it was one of those bizarro plots, in which Vicki Vale, attempting to get out of the advances of the Shah of Nairomi without causing a diplomatic incident, announces she cannot accept his ...

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