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15 On-Screen Batman Ranked From Worst To Best

CBR - 14 Nov 2017
He was affable as Bruce Wayne and had terrific chemistry with both Kim Basinger's Vicki Vale in the original and Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman in Batman Returns. But as the Dark Knight, Mr. Keaton commanded every single scene in both Batman films.
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The Justice League Movie You Never Saw

Den of Geek US - 13 Nov 2017
In the course of its 128 pages we're treated to references to offscreen DC supervillains like Scarecrow, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Parasite, Solomon Grundy, and Catwoman, Batman love-interests like Julie Madison, Silver St. Cloud, and Vicki Vale ...
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15 Superhero Movie Flops That Are Secretly Awesome

Screen Rant - 01 Nov 2017
Nicole Kidman played a very different love interest, unlike the antiheroine Selina Kyle and the damsel in distress Vicki Vale, and we enjoyed two more fan-favorite villains. Although Tommy Lee Jones reportedly couldn't stand Jim Carrey, the pair ...
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A Brief History of Bat-Marriage

Gizmodo - 13 Oct 2017
The very first time we saw a Bat-Marriage, in 1953's Batman #79, it was one of those bizarro plots, in which Vicki Vale, attempting to get out of the advances of the Shah of Nairomi without causing a diplomatic incident, announces she cannot accept his ...
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Το Σύνδρομο της Υβρεως

Η Καθημερινή - 05 Nov 2017
Ε, λοιπόν, αυτή η εικόνα μού έφερε αμέσως στο μυαλό μια σκηνή από τον πρώτο Batman του 1989, με πρωταγωνιστές τον Μichael Keaton (Batman), τον Jack Nicholson (Joker) και την Kim Basinger (Vicki Vale). Σε μια σκηνή του έργου υπάρχει ο ακόλουθος ...
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Lewisham businesses now paying thousands the London Living Wage

EastLondonLines - 15 Nov 2017
Vicki Skingley, the owner of the store, said: “When you treat people respectfully you get the best out of them as an employer. I've got some great people working for me and the living wage really helps me to retain and motivate them. ...
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A l'ombre d'un mythe moderne

Le Temps - 03 Nov 2017
Pour attirer un jeune public, on adjoint en 1940 Robin le «Boy Wonder», dont le costume et le nom rappellent le justicier de Sherwood, puis viennent Alfred le majordome, la journaliste Vicki Vale, Batgirl… On enrichit aussi l'origine et la motivation ...
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The 15 Most Scandalous One Night Stands In Superhero Films

CBR (blog) - 30 Aug 2017
This might be a surprising entry considering that Batman ended with Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale in a committed relationship (albeit one that did not last until the next movie), but their first sexual encounter was a textbook case of a one night stand ...
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Batman Proposes Marriage to Catwoman in Next Issue

Inverse - 06 Jun 2017
After several romantic dalliances with characters like reporter Vicki Vale, assassin Talia al Ghul, and even fellow Justice League ally Wonder Woman, Batman has chosen Catwoman for happily ever after. And to King, who spent several issues following up ...

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