An electoral system or electoral method consists of the ... -
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An electoral system or electoral method consists of the ...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
An electoral system or electoral method consists of the set of rules which must be followed for a vote to be considered valid, and which set out how votes are cast, counted and aggregated to yield a final result of an election or a referendum. Common electoral systems are majority rule, proportional representation and plurality voting, with a number of variations and methods such as first-past-the-post and preferential voting. The study of formally defined voting methods is called social choic
voting system

A Better Electoral System in Maine

New York Times - 10 Jun 2018
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A great deal turns on Tuesday's primary elections in Maine. For the first time in America, ranked-choice voting — a system likely to reduce political polarization — will be used to choose candidates for governor and Congress. And ...
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Maine votes to keep ranked-choice voting system

The Hill - 13 Jun 2018
Maine voters on Tuesday chose to overhaul the state's election system and use ranked-choice voting in the midterms, according to The Associated Press. According to the AP, voters rejected state legislators' request to delay implementing ranked-choice ...
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The Voting System Democrats and Republicans Are Afraid Of

The Daily Score - 15 Jun 2018
Maine Governor Paul LePage called ranked voting “the most horrific thing in the world” and said he would not certify Maine's primary election, which used ranked ballots. In a world that includes genocide and poverty, not to mention deep fried twinkies ...
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Work begins to replace Georgia's digital voting system

MyAJC - 13 Jun 2018
An effort to trash Georgia's electronic voting machines got underway Wednesday amid disagreements over how to make the state's elections secure and accurate. The first meeting of a group that will recommend a replacement voting system showed divides ...
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LA County Invests $300 Million in New Voting System

Lasentinel - 15 Jun 2018
Los Angeles County officials voted today to spend roughly $300 million on a major redesign of its voting system in anticipation of the 2020 presidential election, even as an independent consultant investigates a glitch in the existing process that led ...
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Maine debuts 'ranked-choice voting' system - 12 Jun 2018
Maine debuts 'ranked-choice voting' system. Tue, Jun 12. While the method is already used in many cities, Maine is the first state to try the system where voters rank candidates in order of preference. Share Video; Facebook · Twitter · E-mail; Embed ...
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PEI poised for battle over '18th century' voting system

The Guardian - 13 Jun 2018
P.E.I. legislators approved the Electoral System Referendum Act on Tuesday evening, laying out what Attorney General Jordan Brown describes as a “fair choice” that will “determine the electoral future of the province.” The question in the bill ...
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Political 'Survivor': Ranked-choice tabulations get underway

WTOP - 17 Jun 2018
Tabulations begin this week, possibly as early as Monday, in the biggest test yet for a voting system sometimes called “instant runoff” elections. But there's nothing instant about Maine's process. It took eight days for someone to concede in San ...
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Minnesota Voting System in Good Shape

WNAX - 14 Jun 2018
Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon says his office continues to track for cybersecurity threats every day leading up to November's elections. He says fundamentally Minnesota is in good shape because of the use of a paper-based voting system that ...
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Pricey voting system approved by LA County Board of Supervisors

KABC-TV - 13 Jun 2018
The mystery of the 118,000 missing names on L.A County voter rosters remains under investigation, yet the troubling lapse did not deter the Board of Supervisors from delivering a huge vote of support to County Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan on Tuesday.
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Voters without IDs a small share of primary electorate

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines - 17 Jun 2018
l And 82 in Linn County, although that number tracked affidavits signed under only one of the county's two voting systems. The other did not track signed affidavits. Johnson and Polk counties did not track the number of signed affidavits, auditors said ...
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Letter: Leave our voting system alone

INFORUM - 14 Jun 2018
I believe most voters believe the person who gets the most votes wins, and then the person who got the second highest number of votes gets the other seat. Why make the voting system more complex with some social-engineering idea called approval voting?
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Vote system gave Ontario Premier Ford

Times Colonist - 15 Jun 2018
The Progressive Conservatives got 40-plus per cent of the vote, the NDP got 34 per cent, the Liberals 19 per cent and the Greens five per cent. The seat count on Friday was PC 76; NDP 40; Liberals 7; and Greens 1. If they had voted under proportional ...

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