An electoral system or electoral method consists of the ... -
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An electoral system or electoral method consists of the ...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
An electoral system or electoral method consists of the set of rules which must be followed for a vote to be considered valid, and which set out how votes are cast, counted and aggregated to yield a final result of an election or a referendum. Common electoral systems are majority rule, proportional representation and plurality voting, with a number of variations and methods such as first-past-the-post and preferential voting. The study of formally defined voting methods is called social choic
voting system

Paper ballots pass Election Day test in Georgia

MyAJC - 22 Nov 2017
The results are in from this month's test run of a voting system that could bring paper ballots back to Georgia: It was easy to use and fast, but it would come with a high cost to taxpayers. The trial of the touch screen-plus-paper ballot voting system ...
voting system

Blockchain-based Secure Online Voting System Showcased

Cointelegraph (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News) - 16 Nov 2017
According to Kaspersky Lab, Polys offers a free-web based dashboard to create an online vote with two options, namely, majority vote and cumulative vote. The system also supports voting through email, unique codes, and public voting. The company has ...
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Citi develops online shareholder voting system

Financial Times - 13 Nov 2017
Citi is launching a new online shareholder voting platform that, if widely adopted, could save the global investment industry more than a billion pounds in annual costs and untold hours of manual labour, according to the US banking group. Citi's ...
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Pakistan bishops urge fair voting system for minorities

Vatican Radio - 16 Nov 2017
The Bishop's National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) was instrumental in restoration of the 2002 joint electorate system, under which 2.99 million minority voters elect local representation in the national and provincial assemblies. Muslim ...
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CDC defends proportional vote system

Bangkok Post - 19 Nov 2017
CDC chairman Meechai Ruchupan said the system is designed to make sure that every vote cast on election day counts. Unlike the old first-past-the-post system, votes cast for losing constituency candidates will still be used to calculate the number of ...
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CSD Blockchain Consortium Advances Work on Proxy Voting System

CoinDesk - 10 Nov 2017
A consortium backed by a group of central securities depositories (CSDs) is pushing ahead with plans to develop a distributed ledger proxy voting system. The CSD Working Group on DLT was formed earlier this year by a group of companies responsible for ...
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ANC stalwarts want direct voting of party leaders

eNCA - 20 Nov 2017
The elders held a consultative conference over the weekend, declaring that the party electoral system needed to be wholly reviewed. “An electoral review commission must be established for regular review of our electoral system. The Independent ...

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