Reggae star Vybz Kartel sentenced to life in prison for murder -
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Reggae star Vybz Kartel sentenced to life in prison for murder

The Guardian - 03 Apr 2014
Jamaican dancehall and reggae star Vybz Kartel has been sentenced to life in prison for the 2011 murder of Clive "Lizard" Williams. Following his conviction last month, Kartel received the harshest sentence of any of his co-defendants: he will serve 35 ...
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Jah Vinci Praise Vybz Kartel Thinks Popcaan Is Ungrateful

Dancehall HipHop - 21 Jun 2017
Popcaan has been getting a lot of backlash from the Gaza ever since Shawn Storm released that diss record “No Frauds.” Now former Gaza member Jah Vinci has added his voice to the mix by not only praising Vybz Kartel but also reminding Popcaan why he ...
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Vybz Kartel Brother-in-law Frass Hill Launch Dancehall Career

Dancehall HipHop - 21 Jun 2017
Vybz Kartel brother-in-law known in dancehall circles as Frass Hill is looking to ride the Gaza wave until he becomes a household name. Frass Hill is the brother of Vybz Kartel's wife and baby mama Tanesha “Shorty” Johnson. Hill was set to sign on to ...
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Vybz Kartel's brother-in-law working to get big break

Jamaica Star Online - 19 Jun 2017
Up-and-coming recording artiste Frass Hill is the brother of Vybz Kartel's babymother, 'Shorty', and was poised to join Vybz Kartel's Gaza camp before the World Boss' incarceration. But that was not to be. Frass Hill has since received a record deal ...
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Vybz Kartel Snubbed From Jamaica 55 Celebration

Dancehall HipHop - 18 Jun 2017
Charles Jr also added that Vybz Kartel is well known as an entertainer and showcasing his talent in the program would not be of any value. Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is serving a life sentence for a 2014 murder conviction for the murder ...
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Popcaan “Vybz Kartel and 99% Of Dancehall Hates Me”

Dancehall HipHop - 17 Jun 2017
Popcaan thinks that 99% of dancehall artists hates him especially Vybz Kartel and it's only because he is successful. The Unruly Boss has been going through a Gaza fallout over the past week after Shawn Storm ousted him as a police informant in a new ...
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No Kartel for Jamaica 55 celebrations

Jamaica Star Online - 14 Jun 2017
Despite an initiative to have inmates perform during Jamaica 55 celebrations, indications are that incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel won't be among those displaying their talents. Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security, Senator Pearnel ...
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Vybz Kartel Hails As A God By Ruthless Kenyan Gaza Gang

Dancehall HipHop - 15 Jun 2017
A ruthless gang in Nairobi Kenya name the Gaza Gang has taken root in that city and they see Vybz Kartel as their god. A popular Kenyan newspaper published a story on the gang last week noting that gang members see the incarcerated Jamaican ...
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Was Popcaan Dissing Vybz Kartel & Shawn Storm On SnapChat

Dancehall HipHop - 13 Jun 2017
Days after Shawn Storm released a stinging diss track “No Frauds” going after Popcaan, the Hotskull deejay unleashed a barrage of posts on SnapChat. Some Gaza fans are already accusing Popcaan of grossly disrespecting Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm.
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Deejay begs for Vybz Kartel's release

Jamaica Star Online - 07 Jun 2017
Dancehall artiste Praj-X has released a controversial single called 'Go Fi Kartel', which has been making rounds on mixtapes. According to the artiste, Vybz Kartel is his mentor and he wanted to show his support for the incarcerated deejay. "It's a ...
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Vybz Kartel Singing Alkaline “Block and Delete” Real or Fake ?

Dancehall HipHop - 12 Jun 2017
It's no secret that Vybz Kartel is not a fan of Alkaline and even as recently as last weekend released a new single taking some shots at the Vendetta deejay. Dancehall HipHop wasn't able to ascertain the authenticity of the leaked audio, but some ...
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Vybz Kartel Gave Ishawna Collab His Blessing

Dancehall HipHop - 09 Jun 2017
Unlike that fiasco, sources told Dancehall HipHop that Vybz Kartel gave this new collaboration with Ishawna his blessings. The song will arrive sometime this month and was produced by TJ Records, owned by TJ Linton. “Absolutely this went through the ...
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Listen Vybz Kartel New Alkaline & Mavado Diss Track “Eagle”

Dancehall HipHop - 10 Jun 2017
Vybz Kartel conquered the Eagle Riddim with a brand new Alkaline and Mavado diss track “Eagle.” The track was produced by TJ Records who seems to be putting out a lot of new Vybz Kartel music these days. TJ is also the person behind the upcoming ...
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Vybz Kartel Is Safe After GP Prison Caught Fire

Dancehall HipHop - 07 Jun 2017
A rep for Vybz Kartel told Dancehall HipHop that the deejay is okay and was not housed in that section of the prison where the fire was. “I still haven't spoken to him but I was given assurance that he is okay and wasn't even in that section of the ...
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Dancehall Deejay Calls For Vybz Kartel Freedom In New Song

Dancehall HipHop - 08 Jun 2017
“It's a song that has a message that we want Vybz Kartel to be free,” the rising dancehall deejay said. He also noted that the song is not literal and folks should not take it as a plan to break into the Tower Street Adult Correctional Center and free ...
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Ishawna Teases Vybz Kartel Collaboration “Washer Dryer”

Dancehall HipHop - 04 Jun 2017
Rumors of Vybz Kartel and Ishawna working together has been circulating since last month. But sources inside the Gaza exclusively told DHH that Kartel will not be doing a “Equal Rights” remix or any similar type of song. Our sources are now saying that ...
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Listen Vybz Kartel On A Track With Rae Sremmurd's Swae Lee

Dancehall HipHop - 07 Jun 2017
Been a while since we've heard Vybz Kartel on a hip hop beat with other rappers and needless to say that this track will be huge if it's legit. The song was sent to DHH on Tuesday via email but not much details came along with it and it's clearly ...
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Listen Vybz Kartel Song “Go Down” Remastered

Dancehall HipHop - 30 May 2017
SR Productions remastered and release one of Vybz Kartel notable older singles “Go Down” off the Reggae Night Riddim. The track was originally released in 2005 and was a hit that year going into 2006 when the Gully Gaza feud was just starting to get a ...
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Vybz Kartel Says No Equal Rights For Ishawna

Dancehall HipHop - 27 May 2017
If you're a fan of Ishawna and her new single “Equal Rights” don't get too excited because Vybz Kartel will not be jumping on the remix or there will be no duet with the Gaza Boss. Rumors of the so-called “freaky song” collaboration have been making ...

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