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William Patrick "W. P." Kinsella, OC, OBC (May 25...

wikipedia - 17 Sep 2016
William Patrick "W. P." Kinsella, OC, OBC (May 25, 1935 – September 16, 2016) was a Canadian novelist and short story writer, known for his novel Shoeless Joe (1982), which was adapted into the movie Field of Dreams in 1989. His work often concerned baseball, First Nations people, and other Canadian issues.
w. p. kinsella

Iowa man charged with damaging 'Field of Dreams' site with vehicle

USA TODAY - 01 Feb 2018
DES MOINES — An Iowa man has been arrested in connection with vandalism that occurred at the site of the iconic movie “Field of Dreams.” Austin Pape, 20, of Dyersville was charged with second-degree criminal mischief and reckless driving. He turned ...
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Celebrating the freedom to read

Coast Reporter - 15 Feb 2018
Did you know that every year in Canada, books are banned or censored? Complaints range from objections to the homosexual content of a children's book about two male penguins who raise a baby penguin (And Tango Makes Three), to adaptations of Antigone ...
w. p. kinsella

WP Kinsella, Author of 'Shoeless Joe,' Dies at 81

New York Times - 19 Sep 2016
W.P. Kinsella, who wrote “Shoeless Joe,” the novel that became the basis for the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams,” and the author of numerous baseball short stories, poetry collections and several works of nonfiction, died on Friday in Hope, British ...
w. p. kinsella

Friends, fans of WP Kinsella reflect on his life and death

DesMoinesRegister.com - 21 Sep 2016
W.P. (Bill) Kinsella was more than just an author who wrote about Iowa — he was the Iowa author. At least that's what Loren Glass, an English professor at the University of Iowa who teaches a class that features one of Kinsella's novels, will tell you ...
w. p. kinsella

Shoeless Joe author WP Kinsella saw baseball as a metaphor for life

The Globe and Mail - 20 Sep 2016
Three paragraphs in, there it is: W.P. Kinsella's most famous sentence, and no doubt the most misquoted line of his writing career as well. "If you build it, he will come." The he (not "they") referred to in the instruction was Shoeless Joe Jackson ...
w. p. kinsella

The summer I spent with WP Kinsella

DesMoinesRegister.com - 23 Sep 2016
I never met W.P. Kinsella, the author who died earlier this month, but we traveled halfway across the country together in the summer of 1992. I was in in the middle of my second year with Parents 2.0, the kindly east Des Moines couple who raised me ...
w. p. kinsella

Still a dream come true in Iowa field

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - 09 Nov 2017
It has been there for 29 years now, ever since it was built in 1988 for the making of the classic movie based on W.P. Kinsella's marvelous book, “Shoeless Joe.” It was built on a few acres carved from Don Lansing's farm, but more important than the ...
w. p. kinsella

WP Kinsella, 'Field of Dreams' author – obituary

Telegraph.co.uk - 29 Sep 2016
W P Kinsella, who has died aged 81, was a Canadian author whose novels included Shoeless Joe, later adapted for the screen as Field of Dreams. It tells of a farmer in Iowa, Ray Kinsella, who hears a mysterious voice in a cornfield. In the story's most ...
w. p. kinsella

The Chicago Cubs And 'The Last Pennant Before Armageddon'

WBUR - 28 Oct 2016
7.4 billion people inhabit the planet. Most of the ones in Mogadishu, Edinburgh and Asunción probably don't care how the Chicago Cubs fare, and the ones who do are only paying attention to the World Series because they have money riding on it. But ...
w. p. kinsella

WP Kinsella's final book takes on nature of creativity

Toronto Star - 11 Dec 2016
Partway through Russian Dolls: Stories from the Breathing Castle, the late W.P. Kinsella's final work of fiction (he passed away in September), Wylie, the struggling writer who narrates this odd story-collection-cum-novel reflects that the Muses “are ...
w. p. kinsella

Readorama: Author WP Kinsella reflects on 'Field of Dreams'

Kansas City Star - 15 Aug 2015
The “Field of Dreams” genesis story can be found in “The Essential W.P. Kinsella,” published in spring. The collection includes many of Kinsella's short stories, such as “Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa,” which inspired the novel. An essay by ...
w. p. kinsella

Stop stealing native stories

The Globe and Mail - 19 May 2017
Nor does it mean our writers and storytellers are incompetent and inexperienced, as Mr. Kinsella seems to suggest. It means our voices have been marginalized. Imagine, Canadians telling native stories because because their government outlawed native ...
w. p. kinsella

From Shoeless Joe to First Nations: The Essential WP Kinsella

Iowa Public Radio - 24 Mar 2015
Over his writing career spanning more than 30 years, W.P. Kinsella has become one of the finest storytellers in baseball's history. He is also an acclaimed satirical author. On this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with Kinsella about ...

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