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warren buffett bracket

It's official: All the March Madness brackets have been busted

MarketWatch - 18 Mar 2018
4 Wichita State on Friday, the Omaha World-Herald reported Sunday. But those lucky eight will share a $100,000 consolation prize for lasting the longest. It's a pretty safe bet that Buffett will never have to pay out his grand prize: The odds of ...
warren buffett bracket

March Madness: The Instagram edition

Duke Chronicle - 23 Mar 2018
Blank brackets were distributed around the BC Plaza, and students were encouraged to discuss their picks. Tables were set up so students could easily fill out and submit their brackets. Whoever has the most accurate bracket would win entrance into ...
warren buffett bracket

Warren Buffett offers employees $1M for perfect bracket

Mankato Free Press - 12 Mar 2018
(CNN) - Billionaire Warren Buffett is offering a huge annual prize for his March Madness bracket challenge. Buffet says an employee at his company, Berkshire Hathaway, will get $1 million a year for life if they come up with the perfect bracket. But ...
warren buffett bracket

March Madness Is Here, and Warren Buffett Knows I'm an Idiot

Wall Street Journal - 12 Mar 2018
You did not apply science to make your bracket. You picked the schools with names you recognized, and then asked your dog to do the entire West bracket. 2. A gentle reminder that the smartest college basketball minds in your pool will be eliminated by ...
warren buffett bracket

Brackets and business: Lost productivity, but increased morale

Reno Gazette Journal - 14 Mar 2018
However, with 50 million people expected to participate in a bracket challenge there definitely will be some lost work hours to make up for. In 2016 the average wage of those employees was $25.35 per hour with productivity loss estimates in the $1.3 ...
warren buffett bracket

Casey: Already counting my NCAA brackets booty

Roanoke Times - 15 Mar 2018
Casey: Already counting my NCAA brackets booty. For the last two years, and despite no little effort, yours truly has struck out in attempts to score $1 million a year for life in Warren Buffett's NCAA basketball tournament contest. Tuesday, I ventured ...
warren buffett bracket

Clemson's Brownell among Hall of Famers at Midwest Regional

Daily Press - 22 Mar 2018
Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, shown here with Clemson colleague Brad Brownell, lamented turnovers after the Blue Devils' loss at Virginia Tech. David TeelContact ReporterDaily Press. Eight times in the last 12 years, multiple ACC baseball teams ...

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