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warren buffett bracket

Axios AM

Axios - 17 Dec 2017
Good Sunday morning. Situational awareness: A week and a day till ...
warren buffett bracket

The tax plan our country needs

Jackson Clarion Ledger - 23 Nov 2017
In April, 1975 I remember watching my father, Carl Parker, a lifelong Sumrall resident, working on our neighbor's tax returns at our kitchen table. He was a diligent, careful, and intelligent man, who lacked any formal accounting training, or for that ...
warren buffett bracket

Your Evening Briefing

Bloomberg - 29 Nov 2017
Trump's tax promises undercut by corporate plans to help Wall Street. Major companies including Cisco, Pfizer and Coca-Cola say they'll turn over most gains from proposed corporate tax cuts to their shareholders, undermining Trump's pledge that his ...
warren buffett bracket

Let's Just Call the Tax Bill What It Is: Class Warfare

Freepress Online - 07 Dec 2017
Pew also found that 55 percent of young adults have a favorable view of labor unions, which includes 45 percent of young Republicans (compared to just 31 percent of Republicans in the 35-to-49 age bracket). A slim majority of millennials also no longer ...
warren buffett bracket

Someone Actually Won Warren Buffett's Bracket Challenge

GOOD Magazine - 27 Mar 2017
After accurately predicting the outcomes of the first 29 games of March Madness, one West Virginia factory worker will bring home a good chunk of money—$100,000 to be precise. According to CNN, he beat all of his colleagues at Berkshire Hathaway to ...
warren buffett bracket

The Odds You'll Fill Out A Perfect Bracket

FiveThirtyEight - 14 Mar 2017
only 273 of the 11.6 million brackets that were filled out for the contest escaped the tourney's first day unscathed. Making it through six rounds' worth of picks without a miscue is all but impossible. Putting an exact number on the odds of a perfect ...
warren buffett bracket

Jim Simons, the Numbers King

The New Yorker - 11 Dec 2017
Edward McCaffery, a law professor and a tax-policy expert at the University of Southern California, said, in an e-mail, “Democrats like Simons, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett might end up giving away all or most of their wealth to charities of their ...
warren buffett bracket

5 Great REITs to Buy Now

Kiplinger's Personal Finance - 04 Dec 2017
These stocks yield less than the average REIT, but they should more than make up the difference with share-price gains. For investors who want higher yields, we found a REIT that should prosper by sticking with high-quality malls, and a small firm with ...
warren buffett bracket

Here's how Warren Buffett pays such a low tax rate

Business Insider - 27 Mar 2017
We've all heard stories about wealthy Americans taking advantage of tax laws to avoid paying federal income taxes. It's certainly true that many rich individuals use the tax laws to their benefit, and as a result, many end up paying a lower effective ...

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