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When is the best time to convert my traditional IRA to a Roth?

MarketWatch - 19 Jul 2018
Q.: I have about $57,000 in my traditional IRA and about $6,800 in a Roth IRA. I am 68½ now. I feel converting the money into a Roth IRA while in a low tax bracket before I turn 70 would be a good move. That would give me the maximum amount possible in ...
warren buffett bracket

March Madness Is Here, and Warren Buffett Knows I'm an Idiot

Wall Street Journal - 12 Mar 2018
Once more: Warren Buffett offering employees $1 million a year for life for a perfect bracket until the Sweet 16—isn't Warren Buffett being generous. It's Warren Buffett laughing at all of us, filling out these silly things. That's why he's Warren ...
warren buffett bracket

It's official: All the March Madness brackets have been busted

MarketWatch - 18 Mar 2018
According to the NCAA, going into that game, there were only 28 perfect brackets left on those services. But they all picked Virginia to win. Read: March Madness: This $800 bet on a UMBC upset won $16,000. There was also no winner at Warren Buffett's ...
warren buffett bracket

Casey: Already counting my NCAA brackets booty

Roanoke Times - 16 Mar 2018
It's difficult to write this column. There's an employer-issued deadline looming — and not one of the writing kind. The drop-dead time is 10 a.m. today. The characters in this saga include mega-billionaire Warren Buffett and a mild-mannered Virginia ...

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