Watch Dogs takes a great idea and bludgeons it with normality -
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Watch Dogs takes a great idea and bludgeons it with normality

A.V. Club Denver/Boulder - 26 May 2014
Watch Dogs, an open-world game from Ubisoft Montreal, takes place in a near-future Chicago where an electronic network connects and observes every resident of the city. Most members of the public have only a vague, incomplete understanding of how ...
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THE WATCHDOGS: 90 airfield mishaps at O'Hare Airport since 2015

Chicago Sun-Times - 11 Aug 2017
This shows the path of a Total Airport Services worker at O'Hare Airport who drove across a runway where a flight had been cleared for takeoff, crossed a runway where a plane had just landed and apparently cut in front of a taxiing jet, yet somehow ...
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Local polls almost free of political money — watchdogs

Jordan Times - 16 Aug 2017
AMMAN — While Jordanians took to the polls to elect their municipal and local councils on Tuesday, watchdogs kept a close eye on the electoral process, mainly focusing on violations which could affect the integrity and will of voters. The existing ...
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Watch Dogs 2 Modders Hate The Game's Final Patch

Kotaku - 03 Aug 2017
The Watch Dogs 2 modding community is small. “The modding community of WD2 in particular consists of like 10 persons,” one of the active modders for the game told Kotaku over reddit. According to Steam Spy, the game currently reaches a maximum of ...
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Stray dogs turning bright blue from river pollution - 15 Aug 2017
Aug. 15 (UPI) -- Animal protection groups in India said stray dogs that have turned up bearing bright blue fur were likely affected by pollution in a nearby river. The Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell said it has filed a complaint with the ...
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Watch Dogs React to America's First Art Exhibit for Canines

Travel+Leisure - 15 Aug 2017
Titled dOGUMENTA, the show, which ran from August 11 to 13 and was presented by Arts Brookfield, was conceived by art critic and educator Jessica Dawson, who enlisted the help of her Maltese-Yorkshire terrier Rocky as a co-curator, along with creative ...
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Florida's broken system for selecting utility watchdogs | Editorial

Sun Sentinel - 10 Aug 2017
California has a big — and growing — glut of power, an investigation by the Los Angeles Times has found. Sun Sentinel Editorial Board. Privacy Policy. Florida used to elect the people who are supposed to protect you from sky-high rates for water and ...
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No Links to Cuomo? Their Ad Was Labeled 'Client: Andrew Cuomo'

New York Times - 27 Jul 2017
The latest instance is particularly troubling, the watchdogs said, because the video ad is praising the governor's immigration record at a time when Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, is trying to use that issue to appeal to skeptical liberals as he prepares to ...
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Media Watchdogs Are Suddenly Worried About Sinclair

MediaPost Communications - 08 Aug 2017
Oh no! cry the media watchdogs -- this company known formally as Sinclair Broadcast Group has a conservative slant to its newscasts. That's a no-no, say the watchdogs, even though many sources of news on TV seem to have a slant these days.
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Trump Wall Street Watchdogs to Shed Millions in Bank Assets

Bloomberg - 25 Jul 2017
President Donald Trump's latest nominees to regulate Wall Street have deep ties to the financial industry that they've pledged to untangle -- with one exception, according to recently released financial disclosures. Randal Quarles, Trump's pick to be ...
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Watchdogs: Venezuela Regime Lying About Election Turnout

Daily Beast - 31 Jul 2017
Independent observers and opposition leaders say Venezuela's top election authorities and President Nicolas Máduro are lying about suspiciously high voter turnout figures from Sunday's turbulent election on a new constitutional assembly. “The people ...
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Shield our watchdogs!

Gettysburg Times - 14 Aug 2017
Never before had folks stared at me like I was a prickly porcupine. Well, not until I chose to become a member of a much maligned group of professionals. Poorly paid professionals, at that. I was taken-aback, a little hurt, and, yet, intrigued by ...
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Vacant positions leave Washington without watchdogs

The Hill (blog) - 27 Jul 2017
On July 6, when Walter Shaub announced that he was resigning from his position as Director of the US Office of Government Ethics (OGE), America lost another important “watchdog.” Until very recently, most Americans probably heard the that term and ...
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Watchdogs Call Mirza Olang Massacre 'Genocide', Urge Probe

TOLOnews - 09 Aug 2017
Watchdogs Call Mirza Olang Massacre 'Genocide', Urge Probe. More socials. AIHRC and human right defenders called Mirza Olang incident a “war crime and genocide” and want World Court to investigate. Thumbnail. Afghanistan's Independent Human ...
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Brown buddy Phil Tagami on list of would-be Oakland cop watchdogs

San Francisco Chronicle - 24 Jul 2017
Brown buddy Phil Tagami on list of would-be Oakland cop watchdogs. By Matier & Ross. July 24, 2017 Updated: July 26, 2017 9:49am. Phil Tagami at the site of a development at the Oakland Army Base in Oakland,. Photo: Connor Radnovich, The Chronicle.
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The "Nature Watchdogs" keeping Cyprus' wildlife safe

BirdLife International - 27 Jul 2017
BirdLife Cyprus (BirdLife Partner) has just nine permanent staff on an island boasting 34 IBAs, that collectively encompass an area of more than 310,000 hectares. Even with the best will in the world, BirdLife Cyprus can't keep watch over all of these ...

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