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water bottle flipping

Water bottle flipping is an activity and a challenge that invol...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2016
Water bottle flipping is an activity and a challenge that involves throwing a plastic water bottle, typically full or partially full of liquid, into the air so that it rotates, in an attempt to land it upright on its bottom. It became an international trend in 2016, with numerous videos of people attempting the activity being posted online. With its popularity, the repetitive thuds of multiple attempts have been criticized as a distraction and a public nuisance. Parents and teachers have expressed fr
water bottle flipping

Hey Fellow Kids, This Is How You Flip a Water Bottle

Smithsonian - 27 Sep 2018
In 2016, the youth of America were obsessed with this one cool trick: the water-bottle challenge. The concept is simple, but it's easier said than done. Just flip a full or half-empty plastic water bottle so it lands upright. Kids around the country ...
water bottle flipping

Healthy for Life

Hometown Focus - 19 Oct 2018
In the meantime, when I began diligently searching for some answers on the internet, I decided to take a break. As I was flipping through my only four channels of programming, which are PBS stations, I came across a program on the topic of “climate change.
water bottle flipping

Football player flips 63 water bottles in 1 minute

UPI.com - 05 Mar 2018
March 5 (UPI) -- An Ohio State University athlete is aiming to enter the record books for a non-football activity -- flipping plastic bottles. Drue Chrisman posted a video to Twitter showing him using a series of partially filled plastic bottles ...
water bottle flipping

Letter to My Younger Self

The Players' Tribune - 04 Oct 2018
Stop running in circles for a moment. I know you're probably on Lap 300 running around your house while waiting for your older brother to get home from school. And I know you can't help it because you have this bundle of energy inside of you that never ...
water bottle flipping

The National Gallery's Got the 'Ghost' with the Most

Washington City Paper (blog) - 10 Oct 2018
“Ghost” is one of the great artworks of the 20th century, a breakthrough in the most tactile sense of the word. Rachel Whiteread's 1990 sculpture is a plaster cast of a modest London living room. Imagine that the air inside a Victorian parlor turned to ...
water bottle flipping

Bottle-Flipping Craze Is Fun for Children but Torture for Parents

New York Times - 14 Oct 2016
That is the noise of water bottle flipping — the compulsion promoted through online videos to toss a partly filled plastic bottle and try to get it to land upright — which has captivated children across the country. Boys and girls view it as a ...
water bottle flipping

Anthony Gismondi: Inexpensive wines with real value

The London Free Press - 19 Oct 2018
There is no shortage of cheap wine, but paying $10 to $15 a bottle for wine worth less than a dollar a litre is not an option for folks who enjoy real wine. Today we look into a sector of the market that is fast disappearing: ...
water bottle flipping

Bottle flipping becomes the rage with middle schoolers

The Boston Globe - 30 Sep 2016
Meghan Enwright had reached her limit. Exasperated by her young sons' maddening new habit of flipping half-filled water bottles into the air in an effort to land them upright, the Marshfield mother pecked out a quick Facebook post voicing her displeasure.
water bottle flipping

Schools Dampen Enthusiasm for Water-Bottle Flipping Craze

Wall Street Journal - 30 Oct 2016
Bottle flipping spread so quickly in part because it is so easy. Use a standard plastic water bottle. Fill one-third of it with liquid. Grab it from the top. Flip it forward and upward so that it rotates exactly once in the air before it lands standing ...
water bottle flipping

YouTube takes Spokane Valley's Caylus Cunningham to Los Angeles

The Spokesman-Review - 13 Sep 2018
For YouTuber Caylus Cunningham, it all started with water bottle flips. In 2016, flipping water bottles, the act of throwing plastic bottles in the air in an attempt to make them flip and land on their base, swept school lunchrooms across the world ...

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