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water bottle flipping

Water bottle flipping is an activity and a challenge that invol...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2016
Water bottle flipping is an activity and a challenge that involves throwing a plastic water bottle, typically full or partially full of liquid, into the air so that it rotates, in an attempt to land it upright on its bottom. It became an international trend in 2016, with numerous videos of people attempting the activity being posted online. With its popularity, the repetitive thuds of multiple attempts have been criticized as a distraction and a public nuisance. Parents and teachers have expressed fr
water bottle flipping

French company opens its first 'glampground' in the US

MyAJC - 16 Aug 2018
We scanned the interior, flipping switches, testing Velcro window coverings and exclaiming over newfound frills, and then we slipped into swimsuits. The outdoors was calling. I paddled my stand-up paddleboard around the ...
water bottle flipping

Football player flips 63 water bottles in 1 minute

UPI.com - 05 Mar 2018
March 5 (UPI) -- An Ohio State University athlete is aiming to enter the record books for a non-football activity -- flipping plastic bottles. Drue Chrisman posted a video to Twitter showing him using a series of partially filled plastic bottles ...
water bottle flipping

High-Tech Back to School: Toys, Tools, Gadgets, and More

KUSI - 13 Aug 2018
This no ordinary water bottle— it has a high-quality iHome detachable Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy music & hydrate anywhere you go. This stylish 16oz. bottle is BPA Free, double wall insulated, and keeps your beverages cold up to 24 hours and ...
water bottle flipping

Ohio State's Urban Meyer is pretty good at bottle flipping

Landof10.com - 17 Mar 2018
Urban Meyer has many talents — and a lot of them involve coaching and recruiting college football players. But the Ohio State coach showed off a different skill Friday night. It turns out Meyer is pretty good at flipping bottles. Meyer's daughter ...
water bottle flipping

Former NFL Player's New Political App Aims to Instill Change

Front Office Sports (press release) (blog) - 17 Aug 2018
If you've strolled through a parking lot on a college football Saturday, chances are you will see beverage cans, water bottles, and trash strewn everywhere. Exiting the stadium, you'll see the same; bottles and cans not-so-neatly tucked underneath ...
water bottle flipping

Bottle-Flipping Craze Is Fun for Children but Torture for Parents

New York Times - 14 Oct 2016
That is the noise of water bottle flipping — the compulsion promoted through online videos to toss a partly filled plastic bottle and try to get it to land upright — which has captivated children across the country. Boys and girls view it as a ...
water bottle flipping

Bottle flipping becomes the rage with middle schoolers

The Boston Globe - 30 Sep 2016
Meghan Enwright had reached her limit. Exasperated by her young sons' maddening new habit of flipping half-filled water bottles into the air in an effort to land them upright, the Marshfield mother pecked out a quick Facebook post voicing her displeasure.
water bottle flipping

Schools Dampen Enthusiasm for Water-Bottle Flipping Craze

Wall Street Journal - 30 Oct 2016
The outbreak hit the Fulston Manor School as soon as students came back from their summer break. It struck without much warning and, worse, without a cure. Alan Brookes, head teacher of the British school, had to do something. He came up with a ...
water bottle flipping

The complex physics of that viral water bottle trick, explained

Vox - 26 May 2016
The viral video of a high school student flipping a water bottle so that it lands straight upright on a table has set the internet ablaze. With the pressure of his peers looking on, Michael Senatore, a senior at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte ...
water bottle flipping

7 reasons parents are flipping out about bottle flipping

azcentral.com - 10 Oct 2016
The main issue parents have with bottle flipping is the noise. For the uninitiated, let me explain. Kids take partially filled water bottles (about a quarter-full for optimum results) and flip the bottle in an underhand motion, attempting to land the ...
water bottle flipping

We Interviewed the Kid Who Went Viral for Flipping a Water Bottle

TeenVogue.com - 29 May 2016
Earlier this week, the Internet met Michael Senator A.K.A. water bottle-flipping kid. You've seen the video. A high school student struts out on stage, and successfully turns a water bottle on its head to wild cheers. The clip has since gone viral ...

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