Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' -
what did donald sterling say

Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' - 27 Apr 2014
I never have been, I never will be. The team is the most important thing to my family.” Asked if the voice on the tape was her husband's, Rochelle Sterling dodged the question and took issue with the legitimacy of the recording. “I don't know [if it ...
what did donald sterling say

When the Twitter Mob Came for Me - WSJ

Wall Street Journal - 20 Apr 2018
In early March, I met up with Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor in chief of the Atlantic, at an event sponsored by the magazine at the South by Southwest conference in Austin. He had just hired me away from National Review, the venerable conservative ...
what did donald sterling say

It's time for the NFL to say goodbye to Texans owner Bob McNair

The Comeback - 19 Apr 2018
In an interview with Pro Football Talk last year, former Houston offensive tackle Duane Brown revealed that McNair has made a number of poor comments on topics associated with race in the past, including Barack Obama being elected President in 2008 and ...
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LeBron James, the most important athlete in America, explained

Vox - 03 Apr 2018
LeBron James is quite possibly the best basketball player who's ever lived. I am, of course, hardly an objective party. I have rooted for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers since I was 15 years old. But even for those who haven't, James has ...
what did donald sterling say

The pride of the shipwrecked captain

ESPN - 11 Apr 2018
And for a short while, it looked as if he had. "In the first year, it was fun," says Jamal Crawford, who played with the team for five seasons. "Then, the [Donald] Sterling thing hit, and he was the best person to lead us through that. 'I'll deal with ...
what did donald sterling say

Duane Brown quietly responds to Bob McNair calling him a liar

247Sports - 05 Apr 2018
Brown was vocal in stating the Texans owner had made other troubling statements in his past. Prior to the Seahawks matchp, he told Pro Football Talk the owner voiced his displeasure with former President Barack Obama's victory in 2008, when meeting ...
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Rich the Kid OBJ Crushed His 'Shoot' Dance at Shepard's Wedding

TMZ - 29 Mar 2018
Rich the Kid Gives Props to OBJ's Dancing at Sterling Shepard's Wedding. EXCLUSIVE. Video thumbnail. BALLER Odell Beckham's moves at Sterling Shepard's wedding were so impressive, Rich the Kid says the NFL stars KILLED IT on the ...
what did donald sterling say

Kings work to help community after Clark's shooting death

ABS-CBN News - 09 Apr 2018
The community needed to let the players know the pain that was roiling the city in the wake of the police shooting death of an unarmed 22-year-old man, Stephon Clark, in his grandmother's back yard March 18 (Mar. 19, PHL time). “We did a few word ...
what did donald sterling say

Oil's up: What does it mean?

BBC News - 24 Apr 2018
For those reasons around sterling, there's no sign of inflation resulting yet. But where economies are already doing well, analysts are concerned that the rising price of Brent crude could push up prices more widely. The other side of the coin in ...
what did donald sterling say

Comey did it, naturally, for the kids - The Star: Columns - 24 Apr 2018
Why does anyone in Washington take advantage of the most opportune moment to make a mint off publishing a tell-all book? It's never for the profits or the sheer satisfaction of sticking it to your enemies and putting yourself in the best possible light ...

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