Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' -
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Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' - 27 Apr 2014
I never have been, I never will be. The team is the most important thing to my family.” Asked if the voice on the tape was her husband's, Rochelle Sterling dodged the question and took issue with the legitimacy of the recording. “I don't know [if it ...
what did donald sterling say

Guy We Arrested Is NOT Lucky Whitehead - 25 Jul 2017
The arrestee did not have I.D. on him. The man told cops he was Lucky Whitehead and gave them Lucky's information, including birthday and social security number, Ebert says. The officers ran the information through the DMV system and believed the man ...
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Accidentally Slams Truck Into Photog - 27 Jul 2017
Justin did not flee the scene and, in fact, stopped as soon as other photogs pointed out what had happened. Bieber stayed right by the man's side ...
what did donald sterling say

Does Trump Have a Case Against Mueller?

POLITICO Magazine - 21 Jul 2017
The White House claims that Mueller, a longtime Republican and former director of the FBI, has assembled a partisan group of investigators; that his appointment may be inappropriate due to what they say are conflicts of interest; and that he appears to ...
what did donald sterling say

The Los Angeles Clippers' stars are gone and so is the shine

FanSided - 30 Jun 2017
It all came to a head on April 29, when owner Donald Sterling was banned for life from the NBA by new NBA commissioner Adam Silver, for racist remarks Sterling had made. This came in the midst of the Clippers' first-round playoff series ...
what did donald sterling say

PBS' Anti-Russia Propaganda Series

Consortium News - 28 Jul 2017
The documentary says that Russians who went to help defend civilians in eastern Ukraine were convinced by Russian “propaganda” where “dozens of pro-Russian separatists died in Odessa, Ukraine” but “Russian media exaggerated the attack.” In reality ...
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I Dumped Madonna Because She Was White - 05 Jul 2017
Tupac clearly knows he devastated Madonna by the rejection, saying, "I never meant to hurt you." You gotta read the entire note. It will go up for auction July 19-28 at Gotta Have Rock and Roll. Starting bid is $100k and it's expected to fetch a lot ...
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Missed Safety Cushion by Inches - 14 Jul 2017
John's girlfriend, Jennifer Cocker -- who is a stuntwoman herself, but was not on set -- tells TMZ she's extremely upset with the production, saying, "Sets need to be safer. There has to be a prerequisite not to put a super professional stuntman with ...
what did donald sterling say

Your Husband or Your Job - 06 Jul 2017
Our sources say her plea has fallen on deaf ears. We're told producers have essentially given her an ultimatum -- either get Marc on the show or she'll be phased out. There's one other complication. We know Kenya wants to get pregnant and is undergoing ...

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