Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' -
what did donald sterling say

Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' - 27 Apr 2014
I never have been, I never will be. The team is the most important thing to my family.” Asked if the voice on the tape was her husband's, Rochelle Sterling dodged the question and took issue with the legitimacy of the recording. “I don't know [if it ...
what did donald sterling say

Sterling K. Brown's Emmys Speech Was the Moment of the Night

The Ringer (blog) - 18 Sep 2017
The greatest acceptance speech in Emmys history was in 2004 when Elaine Stritch told whomever would listen, “They can take me off the stage when they want to.” Sunday night at the 69th Annual Emmy Primetime Awards, This Is Us actor Sterling K. Brown ...
what did donald sterling say

Emmys 2017: The big moments that have people talking

CNN - 18 Sep 2017
It's Donald Glover's night! He wins for lead actor in a comedy series. "I want to thank Trump for making black people number one on the most oppressed list," Glover joked. "He's the reason I'm probably up here." Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel do a fun joke ...
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Stick It To The Man, Andrew Wiggins

Deadspin - 26 Aug 2017
I want to say something, here. Glen Taylor is being a dick. His Minnesota Timberwolves, as an organization, fucking stink. They haven't made the playoffs in 13 years. Even back when they were making the playoffs, anchored by Kevin Garnett, they were a ...
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Hope Hicks' Twitter Account Didn't Get Suspended

WIRED - 13 Sep 2017
Wednesday morning, conservative corners of the internet were furious to discover that @HopeHicks45, the Twitter account belonging to Donald Trump's newly official communications director, had been suspended. ...
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NFL loses one protester, NBA with multiple

Western Herald - 01 Sep 2017
Seventeen years later, in 2014, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and a number of other players protested against their own, Donald Sterling, after a recording surfaced of him making racial remarks about African Americans and black players, primarily Erving ...
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Shaun King on Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, and White Supremacy

The Intercept - 17 Sep 2017
And third, these commentaries act as though the First Amendment has some secret clause that says athletes cannot engage in nonviolent protest as though they're supposed to surrender their humanity or their principles when they put on their helmet and ...
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Snopes and the Search for Facts in a Post-Fact World

WIRED - 21 Sep 2017
Mikkelson disputes this, saying that if you look at the totality of the posts Snopes has written on the subject of the president, “the vast majority of them are debunking false claims made about him, not affirming negative things said about him or ...
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Equifax Officially Has No Excuse

WIRED - 14 Sep 2017
And as security journalist Brian Krebs first reported, a web portal for handling credit-report disputes from customers in Argentina used the embarrassingly inadequate credentials of "admin/admin." Equifax took the platform down on Tuesday. But ...
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Dallas preps 'mega-shelter' as Texas braces for more rain

CNN - 28 Aug 2017
The National Weather Service calls the flooding "unprecedented," and warns things may become more dire if a forecasted record-breaking 50 inches of rain does fall on parts of Texas in coming days. In anticipation of a worsening situation, Dallas is ...
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Thousands rescued as Harvey's waters rise

CNN International - 29 Aug 2017
Several locales have received 2 feet or more of rain, and forecasters say a reprieve won't arrive until week's end at the earliest. By then, rain totals could reach another 2 feet -- with isolated instances of 40 to 50 more inches -- along the upper ...

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