Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' -
what did donald sterling say

Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' - 27 Apr 2014
I never have been, I never will be. The team is the most important thing to my family.” Asked if the voice on the tape was her husband's, Rochelle Sterling dodged the question and took issue with the legitimacy of the recording. “I don't know [if it ...
what did donald sterling say

The Clippers Are All-In On Blake Griffin

Sports Illustrated - 07 Nov 2017
Burglars on the west side of Los Angeles are versed in NBA schedules, not injury protocols, so the masked intruders who broke into Blake Griffin's three-story traditional in Pacific Palisades at 3 a.m. a year and a half ago did not expect to see the 6 ...
what did donald sterling say

UCLA players arrested in China apologize and are suspended

CNN - 15 Nov 2017
After Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill read statements acknowledging their role in an international incident that prompted President Donald Trump to take credit for intervening on their behalf, UCLA basketball coach Steve Alford announced that all three ...
what did donald sterling say

ABA deems another Trump judicial nominee 'not qualified'

Politico - 30 Oct 2017
Another one of President Donald Trump's judicial nominees — this time, to the powerful appellate courts — has been deemed "not qualified" by the American Bar Association. Leonard Steven Grasz was nominated in August to fill a vacancy on the U.S ...
what did donald sterling say

Why You Should Always Assume You're Being Secretly Recorded

Daily Beast - 21 Oct 2017
But the classic case is Donald Sterling in California. As a technical matter, the woman recording him violated the law, but the newsworthiness aspect made it difficult for Sterling or anyone to say, 'Don't pay attention to the awful things I said, I ...

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