Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' -
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Donald Sterling's wife: 'I am not a racist' - 27 Apr 2014
I never have been, I never will be. The team is the most important thing to my family.” Asked if the voice on the tape was her husband's, Rochelle Sterling dodged the question and took issue with the legitimacy of the recording. “I don't know [if it ...
what did donald sterling say

David West was a baaaaaaad man during his NBA career

Washington Post - 30 Aug 2018
He was the adult in the room. When teammates around him shied away from talking about Donald Sterling's racist comments in 2014, David West said it first — and loudest: the former Los Angeles Clippers owner had to go. He was woke yet ratchet enough to ...
what did donald sterling say

Democrats, Kavanaugh, and 'The End of Civilization'

Fox News - 19 Sep 2018
Judge Robert Bork used to tell a prescient and darkly humorous story about watching Clarence Thomas's Senate confirmation hearings — etched in pre-hashtag history as the “Thomas–Hill hearings,” in homage to Anita Hill's role as the left's heroic accuser.
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8 winners and 5 losers from the 2018 Emmy Awards

Vox - 18 Sep 2018
It made headlines when Netflix finally dethroned HBO as the most nominated network at this year's awards, and heading into tonight's ceremony, post-Creative Arts awards, HBO had just one more win than Netflix. ...
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Baron Davis opens up about racism under Donald Sterling

CNNMoney - 12 Apr 2018
When reached for comment by CNNMoney, Shelly Sterling, Donald's wife, denied her husband was racist or had mistreated Davis based on his skin color. "We're not racists. He's never been a racist. We donate to African American charities," she said ...
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The nation honors Sen. John McCain

CNN - 29 Aug 2018
John McCain in the 2008 presidential election, said he and President Bush were "among the fortunate few who competed against John at the highest levels of politics" and said, like Bush, that McCain made him better. Speaking of the day McCain asked he ...
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The Latest: US identifies remains of 2 Korean War soldiers

WOKV - 20 Sep 2018
President Donald Trump has identified the remains of two American servicemen who were killed during the Korean War and whose remains were returned by North Korea two months ago following Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un (kim jawng oon). Trump tweets ...
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Here's Your Emmys 2018 Cheat Sheet

GQ Magazine - 17 Sep 2018
Who should win? It's tempting to say Donald Glover again, especially if it's true that he really did play Teddy Perkins in the most surreal episode of television in a tremendous season of TV. But instead, let's go with Bill Hader, whose titular ...
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Orlando Magic owner Rich DeVos dies at 92

Orlando Magic Daily - 06 Sep 2018
DeVos' political beliefs against the LGBTQ community were cited in Donald Sterling's lawsuit against the NBA after the league stripped him of his ownership of the LA Clippers following the release of racially charged comments. Despite that, the Magic ...
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Bluff The Listener

WEMU - 25 Aug 2018
DON'T TELL ME. BILL KURTIS: Translated into cat, that would be (imitating cat meowing). (LAUGHTER). SAGAL: And we do hope that cats are listening because a short while ago with special guest panelist Rosie Perez, we featured a Bluff The Listener game ...

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