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what does government shutdown mean

What exactly this shutdown means, agency by agency

PBS NewsHour - 20 Jan 2018
Early Saturday morning, Congress failed to meet its own deadline to fund much of the federal government, sparking a shutdown. What does that mean in specific, real terms? A budget shutdown affects agencies which depend on discretionary funds ...
what does government shutdown mean

Blue wave signals call for change

The Commonwealth Times - 12 Nov 2018
In 2013, the House and Senate refused to compromise over the Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014 — legislation that guides the allocation of funding for the fiscal year — resulted in a government shutdown that lasted 16 days. The shutdown was ...
what does government shutdown mean

Fed leaves rates unchanged, signals December hike

CNN - 08 Nov 2018
The federal government is funded through Dec. 7, and lawmakers will need to reach agreement on fiscal spending plans to avert a partial government shutdown. "Gridlock does not mean the economic boat will capsize," S&P Global's US chief economist Beth ...
what does government shutdown mean

Chuck Schumer, Foiled Again

Wall Street Journal - 12 Nov 2018
What this means is that Mr. Schumer is threatening to shut down the government if the Mueller protections aren't passed. Mr. Schumer appears to ...
what does government shutdown mean

US midterm elections: What does the result mean for Democrats?

ABC News - 07 Nov 2018
"The only things that would get passed is 'must-pass' legislation to deal with the debt ceiling or preventing a government shutdown," Mr Kondik says. "Democrats would pass a number of bills that would be messaging bills that would die in the Senate.".
what does government shutdown mean

What Is a Government Shutdown? Here's What Happens Now

TIME - 19 Jan 2018
Lawmakers are scrambling and headlines are screaming Friday as the U.S. government heads towards a shutdown. But what does that actually mean? Congress needs to pass a budget resolution by the end of Friday to fund the government. But the political ...
what does government shutdown mean

What does the government shutdown mean?

Arkansas Times (blog) - 20 Jan 2018
The effects of the government shutdown will be wide-ranging if an interim solution isn't reached today, but Hot Springs tourism officials have emphasized most everything in the national park, such as Oaklawn Park, will operate as usual today. “Although ...
what does government shutdown mean

Lame Duck Congressional Session

The New American - 13 Nov 2018
First of all, Congress must move quickly to prevent a partial government shutdown, because they failed to pass seven of the 12 individual appropriations bills, which were due on September 30. Republicans had roundly criticized Democrats when the ...

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