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what does government shutdown mean

What exactly this shutdown means, agency by agency

PBS NewsHour - 20 Jan 2018
Early Saturday morning, Congress failed to meet its own deadline to fund much of the federal government, sparking a shutdown. What does that mean in specific, real terms? A budget shutdown affects agencies which depend on discretionary funds ...
what does government shutdown mean

What a US Government Shutdown Would Mean for Science

Scientific American - 21 Feb 2018
What are the chances that a shutdown can be averted? It's hard to say, because negotiations over the US budget often come down to the wire. In April 2011, for example, Congress and the White House reached a deal just two hours before a shutdown would ...
what does government shutdown mean

Your Questions Answered on US Government Shutdown

Bloomberg - 09 Feb 2018
4. Would there be harm to the U.S. economy? It depends on how long a shutdown lasts. Based on past shutdowns, something lasting a few days to a week is unlikely to have a sizable impact. A shutdown of several weeks could shave a few tenths of a ...
what does government shutdown mean

Barbershop: Political Fallout Of The Government Shutdown

NPR - 27 Jan 2018
MARTIN: So last week at this time, the federal shutdown had just started. And we're supposed to say partial because one agency's budget was actually approved the normal way. And then lo and behold, less than 48 hours later, it was over. And the ...
what does government shutdown mean

Trump Threatens Shutdown as Negotiators Close In on Budget Deal

New York Times - 06 Feb 2018
WASHINGTON — President Trump called on Tuesday for shutting down the federal government if Congress does not crack down on illegal immigration, even as congressional negotiators closed in on a major budget deal that would set spending levels for two ...
what does government shutdown mean

OnPolitics Today: And hours to go before I shut down

USA TODAY - 09 Feb 2018
If Paul doesn't give in, then the Senate won't be able to vote on its own bill until after the midnight deadline. So what does any of that actually mean? Have no doubts: The Senate will vote on the bill, and then it will be taken up by the House, where ...
what does government shutdown mean

The Government Shutdown Myth Averted Again Until 2019

Seeking Alpha - 13 Feb 2018
The shutdown is based on the myth that the Federal Government is going to run out of money to pay its bills if it is not allowed to issue more Treasury bonds to match its deficit spending. That is 100% false, and the reasons were covered in this recent ...
what does government shutdown mean

Should feds worry about another shutdown?

FederalNewsRadio.com - 31 Jan 2018
With the last government shutdown little more than a week behind us, there is already talk of another one. The political divisions that resulted in the last shutdown have not gone away, and the issues are still important to both parties. On Tuesday ...
what does government shutdown mean

Congress' big deal: What happens next

CNN - 07 Feb 2018
The deal proposed by Senate leaders would lock in a two-year agreement on spending numbers, essentially taking shutdowns threats and continuing resolutions off the table for the time being. It would provide long overdue disaster relief funding to ...
what does government shutdown mean

NFIP lapse during government shutdown highlighted insurance gaps

Business Insurance - 30 Jan 2018
The National Flood Insurance Program received a reprieve when it was retroactively reauthorized last week as part of a resolution to reopen the federal government, but even the brief lapse highlighted the significant consequences for risk managers of ...
what does government shutdown mean

Congress can and should end government shutdowns for good

Washington Examiner - 09 Feb 2018
According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, only 22 states partially shut down without a budget agreement. Twelve continue existing activities at previous levels. Others rely on legislature-approved temporary appropriations measures ...
what does government shutdown mean

Shutting down the shutdown

FederalNewsRadio.com - 07 Feb 2018
The media, which whatever it says loves shutdowns and the runup to them, reports on frantic bargaining, fighting and negotiating. But what does that even mean? Politicians fight with words, soundbites and tweets. Some of the toughest shutdown fighters ...

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