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what time is the solar eclipse 2017

What time is the eclipse?

The Verge - 21 Aug 2017
It's the Super Bowl of the Solar System! On Monday, August 21st, the moon will obscure the sun. People across the US will travel to the narrow band of land where the sun will be completely blocked out, but even if you're far away and watching from home ...
what time is the solar eclipse 2017

Corvallis, Albany journalists earn regional honors

Corvallis Gazette Times - 23 Jun 2018
Corvallis Gazette-Times reporter Bennett Hall, photographer Andy Cripe and videographer Anibal Ortiz took runner-up honors in the social issues reporting category for “A Question of Identity,” a story about nonbinary gender. Albany Democrat-Herald ...
what time is the solar eclipse 2017

Seashore advisory board meets, but uncertainty lingers

Cape Cod Times - 19 Jun 2018
A presentation was given about what occurred since the group last met; a full solar eclipse, the collapse of the Marconi Beach stairs, and the appointment of Brian Carlstrom as the park's newest superintendent. During the nearly 2½-hour meeting the ...
what time is the solar eclipse 2017

How Long Will the Total Solar Eclipse Last?

TIME - 20 Aug 2017
The upcoming total solar eclipse, which you can watch live on TIME.com beginning at 12 p.m. ET on Monday, will cross the U.S. in less than two hours, and Americans in some states will only witness seconds of it. The once-in-a-lifetime event on Aug. 21 ...
what time is the solar eclipse 2017

The 2017 Solar Eclipse Has Begun: See What Time It Will Reach You

Space.com - 18 Aug 2017
The Great American Solar Eclipse is upon us, and if you're planning to see it, timing is everything. From start to finish, the entire solar eclipse of Aug. 21 runs about four hours, but exactly what you can see and when depends on where you are. The ...
what time is the solar eclipse 2017

See How the Solar Eclipse Will Look From Anywhere in the US

TIME - 07 Aug 2017
The 2017 total solar eclipse is fast approaching, and hordes of sky gazers are scrambling to find a spot where they can see the shadow of the moon completely obscure the sun for a few moments on Aug. 21. (Watch TIME's livestream of the total eclipse ...
what time is the solar eclipse 2017

What Time Is the Solar Eclipse Today?

TIME - 04 Aug 2017
On Monday, Aug. 21, the contiguous U.S. will experience a total solar eclipse for the first time since 1979. The eclipse, which occurs when the moon passes directly between the sun and the Earth, will cross the country from the West Coast to the East ...
what time is the solar eclipse 2017

The True Meaning of the Great American Eclipse

TIME - 10 Aug 2017
The sky show that is being dubbed the Great American Eclipse will begin in the Pacific Northwest and make first landfall over Lincoln Beach, Ore., at 9:05 a.m. P.T. It will track southeast across the U.S., inking a narrow stripe of total darkness over ...
what time is the solar eclipse 2017

What time is the eclipse where I live?

USA TODAY - 17 Aug 2017
You'll need perfect timing to catch the exact moment the moon blocks the sun in your city. The total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 lasts less than a minute in some places, while a partial eclipse can be visible for an hour or more. Everyone in the USA will ...
what time is the solar eclipse 2017

Why Total Solar Eclipses Are So Rare

TIME - 06 Jul 2017
What's more, in a wonderful bit of cosmic serendipity, the sun is about 400 times larger than the moon, but it is also about 400 times farther away, making the two disks appear to be the same size in the Earthly sky, giving the total solar eclipse its ...

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