How 'Game of Thrones' Book Fans Investigated Joffrey's Murder -
who killed joffrey

How 'Game of Thrones' Book Fans Investigated Joffrey's Murder

Flavorwire - 13 Apr 2014
And there's no better demonstration of that difference than the mystery of who killed Joffrey Baratheon, an event viewers have had just a few days to process but readers have been picking apart for the last 14 years. The jaw-drop moments that make Game ...
who killed joffrey

George RR Martin confirms that Trump is a total Joffrey

Quartz - 16 Oct 2018
If anyone is qualified to compare Game of Thrones characters to real-life politicians, it is Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. So it is no small thing when Martin says, definitively, that the character who most resembles Donald Trump is ...
who killed joffrey

13 Shocking and brutal TV character deaths that still haunt us

KEYC - 02 Oct 2018
Whether it's death by sword, gunshot, zombie, or even — in one of this year's most memorable exits — by faulty Crock-Pot, TV history is filled with shocking deaths that shook audiences to their core and remained conversation topics long after the ...
who killed joffrey

20 of the most unlikable and annoying main characters on TV

INSIDER - 03 Oct 2018
Characters don't have to be likable to be watchable or entertaining, nor are they always supposed to be. Some TV show characters are clear-cut villains designed to make audiences seethe with rage, and others are just so obnoxious they unintentionally ...
who killed joffrey

Game of Thrones Revisited: 2.09 Blackwater

The Digital Fix (blog) - 09 Oct 2018
Which makes the sudden attack by Ser Mandon all the more shocking, his face slashed as the Kingsguard prepares to kill him, presumably at Joffrey or Cersei's orders. The irony of course is that it was only Tyrion's actions that stopped Stannis from ...
who killed joffrey

Who killed Joffrey and how was Olenna Tyrell involved? - 01 Aug 2017
While Game of Thrones has become notorious for its frequent unexpected and violent death scenes, Joffrey's set off a chain of events that had huge ramifications for many of the series' characters – particularly Olenna. After Tyrion kills his father ...
who killed joffrey

15 lives George RR Martin ended, in honor of his birthday

Syfy Wire - 20 Sep 2018
Because George R. R. Martin killed them. So, in honor of Martin's birth, here are 15 lives he ended. This is not a complete list, because there have been literally hundreds of deaths in this series. Also, deaths that occurred in the later seasons of ...
who killed joffrey

Here's everyone on Arya Stark's kill list, and why

Business Insider Nordic - 17 Jul 2017
In "The Spoils of War" she tells Sansa that she was upset when she found out someone else killed Joffrey. But now she's back in Westeros, reminding enemies of the Stark name while she slowly kills them. Some one at a time, and some dozens at a time.
who killed joffrey

George RR Martin on why Joffrey died THAT way

Entertainment Weekly - 14 Apr 2014
Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has killed a lot of characters across the 4,000-pages-and-counting Song of Ice and Fire saga. But perhaps his single most inspired death was the completely unexpected passing of King Joffrey Baratheon, who was ...

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