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who put bella in the wych elm

Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? is a graffito that originated in...

wikipedia - 18 Sep 2016
Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? is a graffito that originated in 1944 after a woman's corpse was discovered by several children inside a wych elm in Hagley Wood (located in the estate of Hagley Hall, Worcestershire, England). Among other places the graffiti has appeared on the Hagley Obelisk near to where woman's body was discovered. The victim, whose murder was estimated to have occurred in 1941, remains unidentified.
who put bella in the wych elm

Does graffiti hold the answer to this 73-year-old murder mystery?

NEWS.com.au - 23 Oct 2016
Then that Christmas a disturbing piece of graffiti written in chalk appeared on a wall in a nearby neighbourhood, asking “Who put Luebella down the wych-elm?” This was the first time a name had been attached to the victim, and police were obviously ...
who put bella in the wych elm


Huffington Post - 17 Sep 2015
Her skull peered out from the hollow trunk of a tree, a limp patch of hair still stuck to its crown. But on a bright spring morning in 1943, four boys from Stourbridge, England, traipsing through Hagley Woods near Wychbury Hill, had no idea what they ...
who put bella in the wych elm

THE B-LIST: These unsolved mysteries will keep you up at night

MyWebTimes.com - 04 Oct 2017
3: Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?: In 1943, four boys made a gruesome discovery in England's Hagley Wood: the body of a woman shoved into the hollow of a tree. She'd been there for over a year and her dental work suggested she was from Eastern Europe ...
who put bella in the wych elm

Infamous Bella in the Wych Elm murder may be made into a film

Birmingham Mail - 02 Sep 2016
Now Dudley writer Andrew Sparke has unearthed new theories about the disturbing case of Bella In the Wych-Elm. The former council boss, from Stourbridge, reveals them in the book, Bella In The Wych-Elm: In Search Of A Wartime Mystery. He became ...
who put bella in the wych elm

Riddle over woman in the wych elm rekindled by A456 placard

Halesowen News - 02 Jun 2016
MOTORISTS have been left scratching their heads since the appearance of a mystery message turned up on the side of the A456 at Halesowen rekindling a bizarre unsolved murder. “Who put Bella in the wych elm?” has been daubed on a piece of cardboard and ...
who put bella in the wych elm

9 Murder Victims Whose Names Remain a Mystery

Huffington Post - 25 Aug 2015
It belonged to a woman who had apparently been dead for some time, her body stuffed in the hollow trunk of a witch elm tree. The Stourbridge community was shocked by the discovery - yet with England in the midst of World War II, the woman's murder ...
who put bella in the wych elm

English murder mysteries that have baffled detectives

BBC News - 14 Jan 2015
They noted wych elms were thought to offer protection against witches. One woman told officers her Dutch lodger had bragged about putting "his Dutch piece in a tree". Then in 1953, a letter to the Express & Star newspaper claimed Bella was murdered by ...
who put bella in the wych elm

Punt PI investigates Midlands riddle

expressandstar.com - 15 Jun 2014
The tree, which had become known as the 'wych elm' due to its sinister appearance, had been hollowed out. And, as 15-year-old Bob Farmer glanced down into the hollowed-out trunk below him, the empty eye sockets of a skull, still with hair and teeth ...

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