Final Vote Count 2016 -
who won the popular vote

Final Vote Count 2016 - 13 Nov 2016
As we described at length in a separate article, an unusual feature of the Electoral College system employed by the United States for presidential elections is that the candidate who receives the most votes overall nationwide (i.e., "wins the popular ...
who won the popular vote

Cooper: Then and now, Tennessee a key

Chattanooga Times Free Press - 23 Sep 2018
Nixon, in fact, did get the state's 11 electoral votes, outpolling Wallace by 3.83 percent, the closest margin over Wallace in any state the president-elect won. And while he won a fairly significant national electoral vote majority, he won the popular ...
who won the popular vote

Opinion: National Popular Vote makes each vote count

The Detroit News - 21 Sep 2018
In 2016, Hillary Clinton did get more votes that President Donald J. Trump, but she did not win the election. That's because we don't have a national popular vote. Since we did not have a true national election or a national popular vote, we have no ...
who won the popular vote

Plan would give national popular vote more power - 17 Sep 2018
The participating states would then pledge their electors to the candidate who won the national popular vote, even if that individual state voted for another candidate. State Sen. Dave Hildenbrand, R-Lowell, recently introduced a bill for Michigan to ...
who won the popular vote

Reading the tea leaves: Political pollster explains what to look for

The Daily Courier - 22 Sep 2018
(Clinton did win the national popular vote, he points out.) “Well, polls may have been an accurate representation of voter preferences at the time they were taken,” he said. “But preferences can change, particularly in a fast-moving campaign.” With ...
who won the popular vote

Central's Malcolm DePriest voted Week 5 Player of the Week

Evansville Courier & Press - 19 Sep 2018
A week after junior running back Brennan Schutte won the popular vote, senior wide receiver Malcolm DePriest received the same honor. DePriest caught five passes for 144 yards with two touchdowns and also had two interceptions -- one in the final ...
who won the popular vote

Cheviot names 'top sheep' in bicentennial contest - 22 Sep 2018
The winner, one of 40 entered in the contest, was determined by popular vote. “I won't say how many votes, but she won by a lot,” said Kathy Goedl, who chairs the Cheviot Bicentennial Committee. The sheep was inspired by the Berger family's proud ...
who won the popular vote

New Poll Says Hillary Would Win In A 2016 Do-Over

The Daily Caller - 22 Sep 2018
TV and HarrisX polling, found that if the election were held again today, Clinton likely would at least win the popular vote by a wider margin than she did in 2016. 44 percent of those surveyed said they would vote for Clinton, while 36 percent said ...
who won the popular vote

Poll: Democrats Lead Senate Races in Arizona and Tennessee

New York Magazine - 17 Sep 2018
The Democratic Party is on pace to win a historic, popular-vote landslide in this fall's midterm elections — and lose two to three Senate seats in the process. The source of this dissonance is simple: No political party in American history has faced a ...
who won the popular vote

The Buzz: Dealing drugs to octopi in the name of science

The Daily Herald - 22 Sep 2018
TV and the Harris X polling firm shows that if the candidates in the 2016 presidential election were on the ballot today, Hillary Clinton would again win the popular vote, this time with 41 percent to Donald Trump's 36 percent. The remaining 23 percent ...
who won the popular vote

Lobbyist: Hawaii junket for Lansing lawmakers was 'hard work'

Detroit Free Press - 11 Sep 2018
No constitutional amendment is required because states can allocate their electoral votes however they choose, under present law. Most award all their electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote in their state, but Nebraska ...
who won the popular vote

Will Democratic Senators Lose Despite The 'Blue Wave'?

FiveThirtyEight - 18 Sep 2018
In the House, for instance, district-by-district polls, the generic congressional ballot and historical trends in midterm elections all point toward Democrats winning the national popular vote by somewhere in the range of 8 to 10 percentage points ...

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