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who won the popular vote

Final Vote Count 2016 - 13 Nov 2016
As we described at length in a separate article, an unusual feature of the Electoral College system employed by the United States for presidential elections is that the candidate who receives the most votes overall nationwide (i.e., "wins the popular ...
who won the popular vote

Trump did not win popular vote: Letters to the editor - 10 Jul 2018
Skip Georgal stated in his June 29 letter that President Donald Trump was elected by a majority of Americans. He is wrong. President Trump lost the majority vote by about 2.9 million votes to Hillary Clinton. He received the majority votes from the ...
who won the popular vote

The Supreme Court vs. democracy

Vox - 09 Jul 2018
With Kennedy's replacement, four out of the Supreme Court's nine justices — all of whom have lifetime tenure — will have been nominated by presidents who won the White House, at least initially, despite losing the popular vote. There's nothing ...
who won the popular vote

BRADLEY R. GITZ: Failure to adapt

Arkansas Online - 16 Jul 2018
First was the exceeding narrowness of Hillary Clinton's defeat, amounting to about 80,000 votes in three middle industrial states, combined with the fact that she won the popular vote by a full two percentage points. Clinton's array of excuses--Comey ...
who won the popular vote

Russia Committed An Act Of War And Trump Won't Talk About It

HuffPost - 16 Jul 2018
You don't have to believe there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to see this clearly: When Vladimir Putin and his top military intelligence officers facilitated the hacking of the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee ...
who won the popular vote

American democracy's built-in bias towards rural Republicans

The Economist - 12 Jul 2018
Our voting model predicts that, for Democrats to have a better than 50% chance of winning control of the House in November's mid-term elections, they will need to win the popular vote by around seven percentage points. To put that another way, we think ...
who won the popular vote

Trump: A profile in cowardice

CNN - 16 Jul 2018
He pitifully pointed to his Electoral College victory and talked about his long-vanquished rival, Hillary Clinton. (Ignoring the fact that she won the popular vote, he said, "I beat Hillary Clinton easily and, frankly, we beat her," he said. "We won ...
who won the popular vote

Right-wing propaganda

Rutland Herald - 16 Jul 2018
It is a shame that Michele Davis feels the need to spread right-wing propaganda about the “#Walkaway Movement” (July 10). I have no doubt that people are leaving the Democratic Party just like people are leaving the Republican Party. The fact is that ...
who won the popular vote

France and Croatia to meet in World Cup final - 15 Jul 2018
MOSCOW (AP) — France or Croatia? One of those two teams will become World Cup champion later Sunday. The French, who won their only World Cup title at home in 1998, will be playing in their third final in 20 years. The Croats have the chance to win ...
who won the popular vote

Dystrumpia: Donald Trump's Dark Future Now

LobeLog - 16 Jul 2018
We've had two recent elections where the winner of the popular vote did not assume the presidency. We have a system that initially by constitutional design overprivileged sparsely populated rural states relative to the urban areas where most Americans ...
who won the popular vote

Michael Douglas: Trump should've, would've, could've

Akron Beacon Journal - 15 Jul 2018
In our era of deep polarization, quaint notions of mandate hardly matter. Prevail by the narrowest margin, and many candidates operate as if they won by acclamation. Yet lose the popular vote, and a president has every reason to think about adding ...
who won the popular vote

Hockey writers vote for MVP—and the gloves come off

Columbia Journalism Review - 16 Jul 2018
According to Forbes, Clayton Kershaw, the second-most valuable player in baseball, will get a $1 million bonus if he wins the Cy Young Award for best pitcher in 2018—an honor voted on by the Baseball Writers of America. In one recent season, the six ...
who won the popular vote

Q&A with Jason Cilento, councilman, Dunellen - 16 Jul 2018
For two weeks, I went door-to-door, and actually garnered about 10 percent of the popular vote. That made me realize that, if I were to put my name on the ballot in the next election, I might actually be able to win if I put in the work. So, I started ...

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