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William Laws Calley Jr. (born June 8, 1943) is a former United ...

wikipedia - 17 Mar 2018
William Laws Calley Jr. (born June 8, 1943) is a former United States Army officer convicted by court-martial of murdering 22 unarmed South Vietnamese civilians in the My Lai Massacre on March 16, 1968, during the Vietnam War. While not technically exonerated, after three and a half years of house arrest, Calley was released after a ruling by federal judge J. Robert Elliott who found that Calley's trial had been prejudiced by pre-trial publicity, denial of subpoenas of certain defense witnesses, refu
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Train law enforcement to end war on drugs

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 16 Oct 2018
I am assured that Lt. William Calley and his boys were very frightened of the residents of My Lai before they massacred them and leveled their village. Let's quit making unintentional villains out of unqualified law enforcement individuals and martyrs ...
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What the My Lai photographer tells Gen Z on Election Day

Athens NEWS - 05 Nov 2018
Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh located and interviewed Lt. William Calley because he was curious and dogged, not because it was easy. Fifty years later, we're still learning about My Lai and about Vietnam, and there's still more to be learned. To ...
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On Veterans Day, I remember 'Bobie' from Baltimore

Baltimore Sun - 08 Nov 2018
He said that such incidents were commonplace in Vietnam and that his own actions “make Calley look like a Boy Scout.” (Lt. William Calley had recently been convicted for massacring Vietnamese civilians at My Lai.) I had no way to verify Bobie's ...
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50 YEARS AFTER MY LAI: What I learned representing Lt. Calley

The Commercial Appeal - 09 Mar 2018
Flanked by two military policemen carrying his personal belongings, Lt. William Calley, Jr., of Miami, Fla., leaves court at Fort Benning, Ga., April 1, 1971, after he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Calley was found guilty of murder of Vietnamese ...
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Army's top lawyer honors prosecutor in 1971 My Lai court-martial

Stars and Stripes - 22 Aug 2018
VICENZA, Italy — Capt. Aubrey Daniel won the sole conviction in some 30 cases against U.S. soldiers involved in the My Lai massacre, the worst atrocity in modern Army history. His mostly extemporaneous closing argument in 1971 in the court-martial of Lt.
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He Got the Story

Jacobin magazine - 21 Oct 2018
His descriptions of GIs wantonly skewering small Vietnamese children with bayonets bring the horror back viscerally, and his fevered hunt for Lieutenant William Calley is a wonder. Calley was later dubbed the chief perpetrator of the war crimes despite ...
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Casey Seiler: Ask him about Panama

Albany Times Union - 20 Oct 2018
One question unasked at the Q&A, but worth considering, is whether Pompeo would be satisfied with an investigation of the March 1968 killing of hundreds of Vietnamese civilians in the village of My Lai if the detective work was led by Army Lt. William ...
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My Lai -- 50 years on

The Sun Chronicle - 12 Mar 2018
So they — Calley and (PFC Paul) Meadlo — got on line and fired directly into the people. There were bursts and single shots for two minutes. It was automatic. The people screamed and yelled and fell. I guess they tried to get up, too. They couldn't ...
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Exhibit on Vietnam War's My Lai Massacre comes to Santa Fe

Santa Fe New Mexican - 02 Mar 2018
On the morning of March 16, 1968, at the height of the Vietnam War, a company of U.S. Army soldiers under the command of Lt. William Calley entered a small Vietnamese hamlet called My Lai in a search of Viet Cong combatants. They found none. Instead ...
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The Ghosts of My Lai

Smithsonian - 05 Jan 2018
William Laws Calley Jr. was never really meant to be an officer in the U.S. Army. After getting low grades and dropping out of Palm Beach Junior College, he tried to enlist in 1964, but was rejected because of a hearing defect. Two years later, with ...
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A Brief History of 10 Essential Presidential Pardons

Smithsonian - 02 Aug 2017
The 1968 massacre involved three platoons, one of which was commanded by Lieutenant William Calley. U.S. soldiers killed at least 300 civilians, but only Calley was convicted for the murders. Calley served three years of his sentence, mostly under ...
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It's 1968. A young private learns My Lai is far from the only lie

Lexington Herald Leader - 02 Jun 2018
In March 1968 at My Lai, American soldiers under the command of Lt. William Calley slaughtered over 500 civilians in an unprovoked attack. Many killings were accompanied by rape, torture and mutilation of women, children, babies and elderly men clearly ...

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