Windows 1.0 is a graphical personal computer operating environm... -
windows 1.0

Windows 1.0 is a graphical personal computer operating environm...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
Windows 1.0 is a graphical personal computer operating environment developed by Microsoft. Microsoft had worked with Apple Computer to develop applications for Apple's January 1984 original Macintosh, the first mass-produced personal computer with a graphical user interface (GUI) that enabled users to see user friendly icons on screen. Windows 1.0 was released on November 20, 1985, as the first version of the Microsoft Windows line. It runs as a graphical, 16-bit multi-tasking shell on top of an exis
windows 1.0

The 10 biggest tech breakthroughs of the 1980s

TechRadar - 10 Aug 2018
The world's most popular computer operating system can also trace its roots back to the 1980s, with the release of Windows 1.0 in November 1985. Designed to compete with Apple's own software, Windows 1.0 was a very different beast from the versions we ...
windows 1.0

August 6, 1997 — The day Apple and Microsoft made peace

AppleInsider - 06 Aug 2018
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs came together 21 years ago, when Microsoft agreed to invest $150 million in Apple stock. The deal shocked Apple purists, but it helped put Apple on a firm footing for a few reasons —and made its historic run possible in the ...
windows 1.0

An Original Copy Of Windows 1.0 OS Signed By Bill Gates Hits eBay

Hot Hardware - 13 Dec 2017
The eBay seller, Badastheblues, claims that the Windows 1.0 box set is an original copy that was handed out at an event in Las Vegas in November of 1985. The description of the software reads, "This is an original copy, dated and signed by Bill Gates ...
windows 1.0

Have to use SMB 1.0? Windows 10 April 2018 Update says NO

The Register - 08 Jun 2018
The Windows 10 April 2018 Update has been out for over a month now, and the rumbling of user dissatisfaction continues. This time it's networking problems for users still clinging to the venerable SMB1 protocol. Users have taken to support forums ...
windows 1.0

Skoda announces prices for updated Fabia - 15 Aug 2018
Skoda has axed the 1.4-litre diesel from the Fabia line-up, with engine options limited to the 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol unit in three power outputs – 74bhp, 94bhp and 108bhp. ...
windows 1.0

Terrifying Steve Ballmer ad for Microsoft Windows 1.0

Boing Boing - 28 Dec 2017
Knowing Microsoft's longtime sales chief Steve Ballmer, I thought I knew what to expect from this early ad starring him. But the sheer maniacal force of it means I've already had enough internet for the day, and it's not even 7 am.
windows 1.0

The Evolution of Productivity: The Best of Windows 3.1 to 10

MakeUseOf - 27 May 2018
Although Windows has changed drastically over its lifespan of a few decades, many of the basics are the same. For example, you still use a mouse cursor to interact with on-screen elements, and programs appear in windows. But as Windows has evolved, ...

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