Winston Churchill (November 10, 1871 – March 12, 1947) was an A... -
winston churchill (novelist)

Around the World with Bernard-Henri Lévy

The American Interest - 15 Oct 2018
I dream of a psychologist or a novelist who could make the story of all this time come to life, and show what is really happening in the minds of these guys. TAI: Earlier you were discussing ...
winston churchill (novelist)

Why most narrative history is wrong

Salon - 07 Oct 2018
But, of course, that's not why George Washington or Winston Churchill gets a new biography every generation (or sooner). Historical revisionism could be evidence supporting narrative ...
winston churchill (novelist)

Write side with novelist Justine Delaney-Wilson - 27 May 2018
Can it be tough going writing novels? Recently, I thought I am never doing this again. Towards the end, it can feel like such a long slog and you feel you are on your own. It's such a solitary, head-melting experience. Then you have the launch ...
winston churchill (novelist)

Memo from Amazon: tell a good story

Financial Times - 09 May 2018
Jeff Bezos and Winston Churchill do not have much in common, but one is chief executive of a company that is valued at $770bn and the other stopped the Nazis invading Britain, so the advice of both is worth heeding. Amazon's founder and the UK's ...
winston churchill (novelist)

6 Noteworthy Works by Ian McEwan

New York Times - 17 May 2018
“The black dogs that give Ian McEwan's new novel its evocative title come from the name that Winston Churchill once bestowed on his depressions. As used by Mr. McEwan's heroine, however, they signify something larger and more ...

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