India back in Winter Olympics; flag to fly in Sochi -
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India back in Winter Olympics; flag to fly in Sochi

USA TODAY - 11 Feb 2014
SOCHI, Russia (AP) — India has been reinstated to the Olympics in time for the flag to fly at the Sochi Winter Games. The International Olympic Committee announced the decision Tuesday, saying it was the first time in history that a suspension of a ...
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US Snowboarding Team an Underdog for the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Transworld Snowboarding - 18 Jul 2017
Similar to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the US is probably the favorite in halfpipe when it comes to the snowboarding discipline, in both the men's and the women's field, but in slopestyle and big air, we would consider them relative ...
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Unlikely for Winter Olympics to be icebreaker between Koreas

The Denver Post - 04 Jul 2017
In this Feb. 10, 2006 file photo, Korea flag-bearers Bora Lee and Jong-In Lee, carrying a unification flag, lead their teams into the stadium during the 2006 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Turin, Italy. The two Koreas continued their joint march ...
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NBC Uses 'Game of Thrones' to Promote the Winter Olympics

Shape Magazine - 18 Jul 2017
If you were one of the 16 million people to tune into the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones, you know that winter is, in fact, here (despite what you've been seeing on your weather app). And in just a few months, you'll be watching the Winter ...
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NHL Rumors: 2018 Winter Olympics and Top Remaining NHL Free Agents

My NHL Trade Rumors - 20 Jul 2017
Slava Malamud: Alexei Shevchenko of Sport-Express reports that Russian NHLers have told him that the NHL has a backup schedule that has an Olympic break. Elliotte Friedman: Players that are signed to AHL-only contracts maybe eligible to play in the ...
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Report: NHL has 'alternate' schedule for 2018 Winter Olympics

FanSided - 19 Jul 2017
The NHL and the International Olympic Committee have yet to reach an agreement for NHL players to attend the 2018 Winter Olympics. Despite this, there are sources saying that the NHL has an 'alternate' schedule in case they decide to attend. Despite ...
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Will North Korea Host 2018 Winter Olympic Events?

Transworld Snowboarding - 12 Jul 2017
After not taking part in the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, North Korea has recently looked to potentially co-host portions of the 2018 Winter Olympics originally awarded to PyeongChang, South Korea. According to the Washington Post and Powder ...
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Could North Korea co-host the 2018 Winter Olympics? - 23 Jun 2017
South Korea's sports minister Do Jong-hwan has suggested the host country for the 2018 Winter Olympics, starting on February 9, may look to its neighbour North Korea for help in staging the event. On a trip this week to Pyeongchang, to check ...
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Complete Guide to Snowboarding Events in 2018 Winter Olympics

Transworld Snowboarding - 03 Jul 2017
Ever since 1998 in Nagano, Japan, snowboarding has been a major focal point of the Winter Olypmic coverage. The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea won't be much different. After the addition of slopestyle to the snowboarding events ...
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Calgary gets more time to consider 2026 Winter Olympics bid

Calgary Herald - 12 Jul 2017
Calgary has extra time to consider a possible bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics because the International Olympic Committee has shifted its timelines. The IOC announced Tuesday in Lausanne, Switzerland, that the “invitation phase ...
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New Airbag Revolutionizes 2018 Winter Olympic Slopestyle Training

Transworld Snowboarding - 29 Jun 2017
With an upcoming Olympic season approaching and a precursor of qualifying events to prepare for, training for snowboarding's hucking hopefuls is in full swing. And with that training, amidst our normal summer newsfeed of glaciers and good times, a new ...
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Hines Ward named ambassador for 2018 Winter Olympics

Sporting News - 04 Jul 2017
July 4, 2017 7:00pm EDT July 4, 2017 7:00pm EDT American Football, English, Winter Olympics, Hines Ward, NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers The former Steelers receiver was born in Seoul to a Korean mother and an American father.
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AHL-Only Contracts Could be Going to 2018 Winter Olympics

Last Word on Hockey (blog) - 18 Jul 2017
Elliotte Friedman reported today that there is still a possibility that professional hockey players in North America could be going to the 2018 Winter Olympics. However, those professionals aren't going to be coming from the NHL.
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Should North and South Korea Co-Host the 2018 Winter Olympics?

The Diplomat - 27 Jun 2017
The day after Otto Warmbier passed away, South Korean Cultural, Sports, and Tourism Minister Do Jong-hwan floated the idea of North and South Korea co-hosting some ski events during the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics, set to be held in Pyeongchang, ...

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