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womens march 2018

Toronto: Women's March Set for 2018 Film Festival

Hollywood Reporter - 30 Jul 2018
The Share Her Journey rally on Sept. 8 will be held on King Street as a host of celebrity actresses and women directors descend on Toronto. The Toronto International Film Festival on Monday unveiled plans for a sisters march to spotlight "systemic ...
womens march 2018

South African women march against gender-based violence

Aljazeera.com - 01 Aug 2018
Thousands of women and "gender non-conformists" are expected to lead 19 marches in South Africa, as the country inaugurates Women's Month, demanding government action against abuse. The intersectional women's march against gender-based ...
womens march 2018

GOP's Fate in the Midterms Is in the Hands of Women

New York Magazine - 17 Aug 2018
But polling points to the possibility of unprecedented advantages for Democrats with those women this year. In Quinnipiac polling from March, about three-fourths of college-educated white women said Trump did not respect women as much as men, and in ...
womens march 2018

Inside The Complicated World Of The Millennial Woman Voter

Refinery29 - 14 Aug 2018
If you want to know what female rebellion looks like, let's consider the nearly two years since Donald Trump won the presidential election: A massive Women's March unleashed millions in protest, congressional phone lines were suddenly flooded, women ...
womens march 2018

All the Highs and Lows From Ariana Grande's Whirlwind Year

E! Online - 19 Aug 2018
March 2018: Ariana made her way back into the spotlight for a performance at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. The pop sensation belted out her hit "Be Alright" and was joined at the rally by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato ...
womens march 2018

Why Millennials Really Need Madonna Now

Forbes - 17 Aug 2018
We want to shame Madonna for not acting her age, for talking politics at the women's march, for being oversexed, for having overly sinewy arms, for trying to be a comedian when she should stick to music, for dating younger men. She gets it harder ...

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