Box Office: 'Wonder' Blind Sides 'Justice League' With $9.6M Friday -
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Feature film 'Wonder' to be screened at Rotary Pavilion Aug. 24

Cadillac News - 20 Aug 2018
Online film database IMDb describes “Wonder' like this: “Based on the New York Times bestseller, 'Wonder' tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending a ...
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Mystery surrounds Chris Pine return to 'Wonder Woman' film series

Reuters - 21 Jul 2018
SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - Actor Chris Pine surprised superhero fans with an appearance alongside “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot on Saturday but offered no explanation for how he will return to the film franchise following his character's fiery death in the ...
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Ruby Rose's 'Batwoman' May Overshadow The Next 'Batman' Flick

Forbes - 15 Aug 2018
Assuming that the Supergirl movie ever gets made, which is a coin toss at best when it comes to these DC Films announcements), it shows that DC Films is committing to a more female-centric superhero universe beyond Wonder Woman. More importantly, it ...
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Every Female-Driven DC Movie in Development

Screen Rant - 18 Aug 2018
This is likely the result of Wonder Woman being such a success for the studio, becoming one of the DC film franchise's top box office earners and receiving a great deal of praise from critics and fans alike. Since fans are calling for more female ...
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Wonder Woman, normal women dominate 2018 Hugo Awards

Syfy Wire - 20 Aug 2018
Wonder Woman may have taken home the top movie honor, but women in general were winners this year, taking home fifteen of the Hugo's seventeen categories. Women also won the two categories put on by Worldcon 76 that aren't technically Hugos (Best ...
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Ravi Patel & Gabriella Wilde Boarding 'Wonder Woman 1984'

Deadline - 27 Jul 2018
Patel wrote, starred and co-directed the comedy documentary Meet The Patels which is currently being adapted into a feature length film which he will also direct and is currently writing with sister Geeta Patel. He has starred on numerous television ...
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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Animated Movie Coming in 2019

Den of Geek US - 21 Jul 2018
Warner Bros. and DC announced the somewhat surprising 2019 release of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. There aren't many details available about Bloodlines at this time, but this animated film will be released as part of the DC Universe Movies series.
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Young playwright inspired to write his own version of 'Wonder'

The Daily News Journal - 02 Aug 2018
Murfreesboro's Zaden Dill said he is the “real Wonder.” The 11-year-old wrote, directed and starred in his version of the award-winning movieWonder,” which is based on the New York Times best-selling children's novel of the same name. The story ...
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Updates From Wonder Woman 1984, Star Wars Resistance, and More

Gizmodo - 14 Aug 2018
Neill Blomkamp hints that he wants a familiar face back for RoboCop Returns. Dave Filoni discusses his involvement with the new Star Wars animated series. Producer Stephen Broussard says a future Ant-Man/Wasp movie could really delve into the ...
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Meet Cheetah: 'Wonder Woman 2' Villain's Origins and Powers

IMDb - 18 Aug 2018
The new film will most likely feature the Barbara Minerva version of Cheetah. Created by George Pérez and Len Wein for “Wonder Woman” #7 in August 1987, Doctor Minerva's backstory has been amended in the aftermath of two DC revamps: The New 52 ...

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