Inside The NFL's Wonderlic Test – And Why It Matters -
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Inside The NFL's Wonderlic Test – And Why It Matters

CBS Local - 11 Apr 2014
IRVING - I first started writing about the NFL's use of the Wonderlic Test on draft-eligible prospects in the early '90's, at a time when some thought it was a mad-scientist-level effort in overkill. Twenty years later, we've come full-circle, some ...
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Why Highly Intelligent People Make the Worst Leaders

Big Think (blog) - 14 Nov 2017
Researchers gave participants the Wonderlic Personnel Test, which assesses both personality and IQ. Their scores were spread across the spectrum. Antonakis and colleagues matched these with the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, which evaluates a ...
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Being incredibly smart might actually make you a worse leader

Business Insider - 14 Nov 2017
Each participant completed a personality questionnaire and a well-validated measure of intelligence, the Wonderlic Personnel Test. Their average IQ was 111 (the average for the general population is 100), with a fairly even spread of scores. The ...
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Light shining for WVU linebacker Benton

Charleston Gazette-Mail - 25 Oct 2017
The Wonderlic Personnel Test is given to prospective NFL draft picks for evaluation. A score of 20 is intended to indicate average intelligence. Benton has been on the Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll and WVU's Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll.
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Taking the Wonderlic test can be a humbling experience

ESPN - 25 Apr 2017
My thinking has always been along these lines: the Wonderlic test has been part of the NFL draft evaluation process since the early 1970s. As long as scores are being used by teams to make decisions, in varying degrees, we should be able to talk about ...
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GROTZ: Eagles giving it the old college try, and are winning, too

Montgomery Newspapers - 27 Oct 2017
The man who looks nothing like his new bobblehead doll has thrown a league-leading 17 touchdown passes to spark the Eagles to an NFL-best 6-1 record. Size, quickness and arm talent have a lot to do with it. Obviously the guy's smarts go beyond the 40 ...
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Is the Wonderlic test a good predictor of NFL success?

Baltimore Beatdown - 17 Jun 2017
For decades, the Wonderlic Personnel Test has been a staple of the NFL Combine. In conjunction with running around a field and performing various physical tests for scouts, the top collegiate prospects are also asked made to take the 12-minute ...
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The Importance Of The Wonderlic Test (blog) - 02 Mar 2017
But why is the Wonderlic, a test filled with a variety of logic problems, so important? According to the Wonderlic website the test asks, “can a player understand the playbook, know where they need to be on the field, make intelligent decisions, learn ...
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Darren Rovell Leaks Wonderlic Scores, Gets Owned

Vocativ - 21 Apr 2017
The Wonderlic test, a 12-minute long cognitive exam administered during the annual NFL Draft Combine, is utterly useless as a football evaluation tool. We know this. Economists have conducted studies showing that there's no correlation between a high ...
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Take a stab at passing, or failing, the NFL's Wonderlic test

Behind the Steel Curtain - 19 Feb 2017
With the NFL Scouting Combine just around the corner, it is this time of the year when you typically hear about a player, or players, who scores extremely well, or poorly, on the NFL's Wonderlic test. For those who don't know, the Wonderlic test is a ...
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Should the Wonderlic test be used to evaluate NFL draft prospects?

The Guardian (blog) - 26 Apr 2017
The Wonderlic test score results for NFL draftees aren't supposed to be public, but somehow, year after year, they are. “We do not release test scores to anyone,” a Wonderlic employee told me, “except the NFL Combine representatives. Any Wonderlic test ...
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Myles Garrett Watch: Can you beat the A&M star's Wonderlic score?

Fort Worth Star Telegram - 25 Apr 2017
Garrett scored a 31 out of 50 possible correct answers on the intelligence test, the second-highest score from a defensive lineman in this year's draft field according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Bob McGinn. Larry Ogunjobi of Charlotte, who is ...
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Report: Myles Garrett scores 31 out of 50 on Wonderlic test - 24 Apr 2017
Myles Garrett is impressing scouts with more than just his physical attributes, reportedly scoring very well on the NFL's trusted intelligence test. The former Texas A&M defensive end scored a 31 out of 50 on the Wonderlic test at the NFL Combine ...
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Wonderlic test is crucial in evaluating quarterbacks

The Jet Press - 26 Apr 2017
The Wonderlic test results came out this week, and it's a crucial part of evaluating the quarterback position in the 2017 NFL Draft. Most fans will roll their eyes and scoff at Wonderlic test results, but for the quarterback position, it's a very ...
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NFL Combine 2017: The Wonderlic Test is probably both good and bad

Bleeding Green Nation - 27 Feb 2017
But one of the more mysterious parts of the week has little to do with athletic ability, and much more with decision-making. The Wonderlic test, which the NFL uses as its benchmark cognitive ability exam during Combine week, is administered to each player.

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