World Trade Center is a 2006 disaster drama film directed by Ol... -
world trade center (film)

World Trade Center is a 2006 disaster drama film directed by Ol...

wikipedia - 11 Sep 2016
World Trade Center is a 2006 disaster drama film directed by Oliver Stone and based on the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center. It stars Nicolas Cage, Maria Bello, Michael Peña, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Stephen Dorff, and Michael Shannon. The film was shot between October 19, 2005, and February 10, 2006, and released on August 9, 2006.
world trade center (film)

'Koyaanisqatsi,' film and soundtrack, back at Kennedy Center

Washington Post - 18 Mar 2018
The Kennedy Center's inaugural Direct Current festival is a celebration of contemporary music and art. Composer Philip Glass, after taking part in a performance of his piano études last week, returned to the Kennedy Center Concert Hall on Friday night ...
world trade center (film)

Looking Back: Trade Center work, film on Vietnam

The Ridgefield Press - 14 Mar 2018
“I've never seen anything with that high, powerful damage,” remarked Ridgefield resident Ennala Ramabhushanam in the March 11, 1993, Ridgefield Press. Ramabhushanam, a manager and structural engineer for the Port Authority, had spent the past two weeks ...
world trade center (film)

The Wiz wasn't so wonderful for Black cinema

Toronto Star - 21 Mar 2018
Three years after the film exploded on contact, Chicago movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert used it on their popular TV show as Exhibit A for a serious discussion about why movies starring Black actors were mostly failing to find favour in white ...
world trade center (film)

M&N Hour 4 - There's Jugs And Then There's Not 3-21-18 (blog) - 21 Mar 2018
I'm close to giving out these town fair tire world we'll stick it to rates anyway Boston's town fair tire world and we'll show is back this march 23 to the 25 of the seaport. World Trade Center. He original movie cars and the fate of the furious and ...
world trade center (film)

The Workshop

slantmagazine - 17 Mar 2018
The first film that Laurent Cantet has made in France since 2008's The Class, The Workshop shares enough aesthetic and political DNA with the director's Palme d'Or winner to almost feel like a sequel. Shot shortly after an extended period of unrest in ...
world trade center (film)

The 'Wrinkle In Time' Movie Began As A Fifth-Grader's Dream

NPR - 06 Mar 2018
"So I made a promise to myself that I would grow up and make the movie." Fast forward through time and space to 1979: Catherine Hand is in her 20s and is an executive assistant to writer-producer Norman Lear — creator of hit 1970s TV shows such as All ...
world trade center (film)

Tribeca Film Festival: NYC movies among star-studded lineup

amNY - 07 Mar 2018
The feature lineup for the 17th annual Tribeca Film Festival was revealed Wednesday, boasting a wealth of star-studded movies and New York City-based stories. Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael Shannon, Tessa Thompson, Luke Evans, Elle Fanning and Maisie ...
world trade center (film)

'The Looming Tower' Review: Hulu's 9/11 Drama Is Magnificent

Deadline - 28 Feb 2018
If you had any notion that Hulu's historic Emmy win last year with The Handmaid's Tale was the only prestige weapon in the streamer's arsenal, the February 28-debuting The Looming Tower will surely dispel that fallacy. The 10-episode series based on ...
world trade center (film)

U-July 22: Is it too soon to make a film about a tragedy?

BBC News - 22 Feb 2018
This is Utøya 22 Juli, also known as U-July 22, a film which deals with the actions of Anders Breivik, a far-right extremist who murdered 69 young people enjoying summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utøya, on 22 July 2011. He had also killed eight ...
world trade center (film)

Eastwood, Hollywood, and the Limits of the Everyday Hero

Village Voice - 21 Feb 2018
World Trade Center's script is based on interviews with the officers themselves, their families, and the former Marine who eventually came to the rescue. Paul Greengrass's United 93 goes further: The film's source material is the 9/11 Commission Report ...
world trade center (film)

FDNY hero who evacuated hundreds on 9/11 dies of cancer at 45

New York Daily News - 19 Mar 2018
City firefighter Thomas Phelan, an unsung hero of 9/11 who evacuated hundreds of people from Lower Manhattan while working as a ferry captain, has died. He was 45. Phelan died Friday of cancer. His illness was believed to be related to his exposure to ...
world trade center (film)

How 1974 Became the Year of the Disaster Movie

Den of Geek US - 15 Mar 2018
Stern's fictional World Tower Building is fatally compromised when contractors cut corners during its construction. A disgruntled sheet metal worker decides to set off a bomb in the basement and, in the ensuing conflagration, the survival of the Tower ...
world trade center (film)

Watching “The Looming Tower”? Meet the Real John O'Neill.

FRONTLINE - 09 Mar 2018
As the documentary explores, O'Neill had investigated the bombing of the American embassies in Africa, the USS Cole in Yemen, the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia and the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. He became increasingly convinced ...
world trade center (film)

Disney's Black Panther Just Broke a 9-Year Record - 21 Mar 2018
Trade has become a hot-button topic lately, and movies are one industry where America has far more exports than imports. As previously noted, Black Panther and Coco are earning millions of dollars abroad, and in 2014, the Motion Picture Association of ...
world trade center (film)

BMD Picks: Our Favorite Revenge Films

Birth.Movies.Death. - 02 Mar 2018
Spielberg's film not only tries to detail the events of how the Israeli government and its intelligence agency hired assassins and provided them the resources needed to kill those responsible for the murders in Munich, but also the personal and moral ...

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