To "lick your wounds" means to "withdraw temporarily while recovering ... -
wound licking

Frost and senior captain challenge Husker players after defeat

247Sports - 15 Sep 2018
Scott Frost issued a challenge. Then came one from the senior wide receiver. The latter speech, which was supplied by Stanley Morgan to the Huskers after another Saturday of wound-licking around here, was paraphrased by a few teammates. Basically it ...
wound licking

South Carolina Gamecocks: Three Things to Watch Against Vandy

WBLZMedia - 20 Sep 2018
The South Carolina Gamecocks enter this week's road contest with Vanderbilt 1-1. The Gamecocks got an extra week of wound licking thanks to Hurricane Florence. The Marshall game, scheduled for last week, was canceled. So now, Carolina turns all eyes ...
wound licking

Volleyball Briefs

Imperial Valley Press - 12 Sep 2018
Despite the rough tournament performance, there would be no time for wound-licking. The team was back in action on Monday, facing off against the Hawks of Gila Ridge in Yuma. At one point, this one had the makings of a real dogfight. After two sets ...
wound licking

Technical Tidbits 8/20: Wound Licking Edition

From The Rumble Seat - 20 Aug 2018
On Saturday, Georgia Tech had a great scrimmage. By that, I mean nobody got hurt. Beyond that things seemed normal. Taquon Marshall was solid at quarterback and apparently was pretty good throwing the ball. That would be a huge boost to Tech's offense ...
wound licking

8 Diseases You Didn't Know You Could Spread to Your Dog

Reader's Digest - 31 Aug 2018
Dr. Werber says it's not common for a dog to get a staph infection from a person, but it is possible. Your dog can pick up MRSA by licking an infected wound on you. “If the dog has his own wound which he licks after licking you, he can then introduce ...
wound licking

How I got hooked on the secret world of tuna fishing

Wicked Local Marshfield - 20 Sep 2018
We still had the whiting, which we feasted on that evening while licking our wounds. But that sound had hooked me, and I wanted more. Thursday we got out earlier. It was pouring rain. We were on the water before the sun came up and went to the same ...
wound licking

Fairhaven man arraigned on animal cruelty charges - 23 Aug 2018
The female dog, who is named Bella, kept licking the wound, causing it grow, court records say. The dog, who is now nearly 1 year and 8 months old, was taken to New England Animal Hospital for treatment. Veterinarian Sara Schipper wrote in her report ...
wound licking

Tony's Pigskin Picks: week five - 20 Sep 2018
The Preppers are coming off a wound-licking loss, 70-11, against Division II state No. 8-ranked Maple Heights (4-0) in a game that was 14-11 after a 54-yard touchdown catch by US 6-foot-3 senior Jake Kapp late in the first quarter. But 600 yards of ...
wound licking

Understanding hot spots on dogs

Khmer Times - 14 Sep 2018
Yet, recently, Angie's chin and neck turned bright red, with large wound-looking spots of moist irritation on the skin, almost oozing in some parts, which bothered her significantly. It was obviously very itchy as she kept scratching it constantly. I ...
wound licking

Ants care for wounded comrades by licking their wounds clean

New Scientist - 14 Feb 2018
By Jasmin Fox-Skelly. A species of ant has become the first known non-human animal to tend the wounds of its fellows. “Nurse” ants lick the wounds of fallen comrades, and this helps them survive. Matabele ants (Megaponera analis) live dangerous lives.

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