Gamblers Knew The Undertaker Would Lose At WrestleMania 30 -
wrestlemania 30

Gamblers Knew The Undertaker Would Lose At WrestleMania 30

Forbes - 06 Apr 2014
WrestleMania is a huge event, providing excitement for fans and a huge boost for the local economy. And for some gamblers, WWE's biggest event of the year is also a chance to get rich. Online sportsbook Bovada was taking bets on the night's matches ...
wrestlemania 30

WWE's Mindset on Organically Over Talent Needs Changing

Daily DDT - 18 Feb 2018
In an age where Superstars can get themselves over organically in a heartbeat, WWE's mindset on their talent doing so still remains the same. This needs changing. Since the birth of the “Yes” chant to the 'Yes Movement', from 'Bad News Barrett' to the ...
wrestlemania 30

“Wrestlemania 33 Preview” Episode 37, March 30, 2017

WGN Radio - 13 Feb 2018
A podcast about the intersections of the worlds of professional wresting and presidential politics hosted by Chris Kelly and Brandon Wetherbee. This week's Big Show, Swerve and Alternative Facts Are Still Real To Me comes courtesy of Rep. Devin Nunes ...
wrestlemania 30

Next challengers for Raw Tag Team Titles have been revealed ...

GiveMeSport - 16 Feb 2018
The challengers we mean for the Raw Tag Team Titles, which are held by Cesaro and Sheamus. The two Superstars were put together by WWE officials in 2016 to help elevate the tag team division on the Raw brand. On December 18th at Roadblock: End of the ...
wrestlemania 30

3 reasons why Undertaker vs John Cena needs to happen

Sportskeeda - 13 Feb 2018
In fact, he's looked a shadow of his former self since WrestleMania 30, while laying down his gear, and breaking kayfabe live on air with his wife implied that he had called it a day as well. Yet, a large portion of fans still clamours for this match ...
wrestlemania 30

10 WrestleMania matches that shouldn't have ended how they did

Sportskeeda - 22 Jan 2018
It looked like WWE was ready to remedy that with a match between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 32, especially since a win for Ambrose would mean he was the first superstar to beat Lesnar after he beat the streak at WrestleMania 30, but ...
wrestlemania 30

This WWE superfan breaks down the Road to WrestleMania

Fresno Bee - 07 Feb 2018
Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. SUBSCRIBE NOW. Danny Salas Stone Cold. Danny Salas shakes hands with WWE superstar Steve Austin. So, Salas is a superfan. And as the assistant program director and afternoon drive ...

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