Gamblers Knew The Undertaker Would Lose At WrestleMania 30 -
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Gamblers Knew The Undertaker Would Lose At WrestleMania 30

Forbes - 06 Apr 2014
WrestleMania is a huge event, providing excitement for fans and a huge boost for the local economy. And for some gamblers, WWE's biggest event of the year is also a chance to get rich. Online sportsbook Bovada was taking bets on the night's matches ...
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5 Huge WWE Dream Matches For The Return Of Brock Lesnar

Forbes - 20 Sep 2018
The Rock was reportedly once considered for WrestleMania 30 in 2014, but the match never came to fruition and The Rock hasn't wrestled a legitimate match since 2013. But with virtually everything indicating that The Rock will wrestle again in the near ...
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5 most interesting WWE storylines of all time

MENAFN.COM - 21 Sep 2018
They became a thorn in his way and prevented Bryan from achieving anything remarkable. Fans were invested in the story where Bryan finally triumphed over The Authority at WrestleMania 30 by defeating Triple H and further winning the WWE Championship ...
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5 superstars who should be Randy Orton's next victim

Sportskeeda - 19 Sep 2018
However, one thing we should note is that the dynamics have changed a lot since Wrestlemania 30. Back then, Randy Orton was a cowardly heel who hid behind the Authority. But now he a fully fledged sadistic psychopath who stops at nothing but pure ...
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7 Early Predictions for The Undertaker's Wrestlemania 35 Opponent

Sportskeeda - 06 Sep 2018
The Undertaker has been the highlight of Wrestlemania for nearly 30 years now. Since Wrestlemania 7, The Undertaker has been a part of every Wrestlemania except Wrestlemania X and Wrestlemania 2000, due to injuries. Follow Sportskeeda for the latest ...
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SK's Take: WWE see Daniel Bryan as "just another guy"

Sportskeeda - 13 Sep 2018
That may be a controversial thing to say, but think about it: Bryan was the top star in the entire company, perhaps the entire world after WrestleMania 30, yet mere months later, all of that momentum was gone. 8 months of WWE TV was now left to just ...
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'Creating the Mania' takes backstage look at WWE's biggest event

Charleston Post Courier - 25 Aug 2018
In the case of Wrestlemania 30, the end of “The Streak” wasn't decided until the day of the show. “Vince went back and forth in his mind a bunch of times about whether or not to end Undertaker's Wrestlemania undefeated streak,” revealed Ed Koskey, WWE ...
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AJ Styles and 8 Dream WWE Matches for a Potential Batista Return

Bleacher Report - 11 Sep 2018
Their last encounter happened at WrestleMania 30 in a Triple Threat match against Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The story could be as simple as both men blaming each other for losing to Bryan, but going deeper into their ...
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Kevin Owens Wants To Face Best Friend Finn Bálor At WrestleMania

CBS Los Angeles - 30 Aug 2018
By Chuck Carroll. The future for Kevin Owens in WWE is murky at this point, according to storylines. The former Universal Champion abruptly quit on Monday's RAW, apparently not taking recent losses to Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins very well. The ...
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5 Times WWE had to change storylines due to fans

Sportskeeda - 31 Aug 2018
Sheamus at WrestleMania 30 and built the show around D-Bry, who pinned Triple H in the opening match (HHH's original opponent, CM Punk, walked out three months before the event) before defeating Batista and Orton in the main event to finally win the ...
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5 Reasons WWE No Longer Has True Heels Or Babyfaces

Forbes - 21 Sep 2018
Yet, at the same time, they are arguably the two most successful WWE creations this century, as Cena has been the face of WWE for much of the last dozen years while Reigns is not far removed from his fourth straight WrestleMania main event. Say what ...
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5 Amazing Triple Threat Matches Which Almost Happened

Sports (blog) - 03 Sep 2018
Triple H was set for Wrestlemania 30 with the stipulation that the winner would join Batista and Randy Orton in the main event later in the evening. Daniel Bryan was supposed to win and so he did. It would have made no sense from story-line perspective ...
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WWE WrestleMania: Comparing WrestleMania 30 vs. WrestleMania 31

Daily DDT - 30 Mar 2018
WWE WrestleMania is the biggest show that pro wrestling has to offer, and each year the spectacle gets even bigger. In recent years though, two WrestleMania events have stood above the rest, and that is WWE WrestleMania 30 and WWE WrestleMania 31.

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