Gamblers Knew The Undertaker Would Lose At WrestleMania 30 -
wrestlemania 30

Gamblers Knew The Undertaker Would Lose At WrestleMania 30

Forbes - 06 Apr 2014
WrestleMania is a huge event, providing excitement for fans and a huge boost for the local economy. And for some gamblers, WWE's biggest event of the year is also a chance to get rich. Online sportsbook Bovada was taking bets on the night's matches ...
wrestlemania 30

WWE WrestleMania: Comparing WrestleMania 30 vs. WrestleMania 31

Daily DDT - 30 Mar 2018
WWE WrestleMania is the biggest show that pro wrestling has to offer, and each year the spectacle gets even bigger. In recent years though, two WrestleMania events have stood above the rest, and that is WWE WrestleMania 30 and WWE WrestleMania 31. This ...
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WWE SmackDown Must Book Daniel Bryan To Lose At WrestleMania 34

Forbes - 04 Apr 2018
After all, the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer (h/t Ringside News) recently revealed that Bryan's addition to the WrestleMania 34 card resulted in a huge surge in ticket sales for the pay-per-view, so much so that the event is now expected to sell ...
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Hell No to WrestleMania 30: The Daniel Bryan Story

Last Word on Pro Wrestling (blog) - 03 Apr 2018
There's never been a more organic underdog story in the WWE more powerfully captivating – and storyline shifting – as that of Daniel Bryan. The former indie sensation (then going by his real name of Bryan Danielson) joined the WWE in 2010, but despite ...
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WrestleMania ignored WWE's Brock Lesnar problem

New York Post - 09 Apr 2018
It was technically sound, as stiff as WWE will allow and saw each counter the other because of the familiarity you would expect from these rivals. The one small blemish was it didn't end with a Phenomenal Forearm since the build was that versus the ...
wrestlemania 30

Monday Night RAW Results: Ronda Rousey steals the show

GiveMeSport - 24 Apr 2018
Score - 6/10. This feud has been extremely underwhelming. If WWE wanted to pull the trigger on Reigns besting Lesnar, WrestleMania was the place to do it - bottom line. Heyman has been cutting the same promo since WrestleMania 30 in which he puts ...
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WWE Raw preview (April 23, 2018): Power Struggle

Cageside Seats (blog) - 23 Apr 2018
Unlike Stephanie and Hunter's feud with Mick Foley, Our Olympic Heroes might have a fighting chance against The Authority. If you're committed to watching WWE, you're never going to completely escape these types of stories. At least this one might have ...
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Volunteering at WrestleMania Axxess: one man's story - 10 Apr 2018
I first met Robb Roemershauser in 2007; he was the maestro behind the Aboveground Zine Library, a vast archive of self-published periodicals that was one of many wonders within 511 Marigny before that building's tragic yuppification. Robb's an ...
wrestlemania 30

Throwback Thursday: WrestleMania 30

RealSport101 - 05 Apr 2018
We were asked to welcome one of the Principle Owners of the WWE, Stephanie McMahon, as she announced Triple H. The King of Kings got one heck of an entrance, complete with a custom throne, operatic music and three chainmail-clad female warriors around ...
wrestlemania 30

Yes! Daniel Bryan is back and competing at WrestleMania 34 - 06 Apr 2018
Daniel Bryan, who four years ago at WrestleMania 30 won two matches to become the WWE champion, is back after retiring two years ago and is making his return Sunday at WrestleMania 34 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. It's been a long road for Bryan ...

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