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x men days of future past

Memes Of Future Past: 15 Hilarious X-Men Timeline Memes

CBR - 10 Nov 2017
X-Men: Days of Future Past did good by erasing some of the franchise's less successful films, however it also turned the X-Men movie timeline into a hot mess. A particularly curious, if not confusing, thing about the X-Men timeline is Charles Xavier's age.
x men days of future past

How 'X-Men' Became One of TV's Best Animated Series (Flashback)

Entertainment Tonight - 17 Nov 2017
“I think they've made a really, really strong effort to mirror what goes on in the comics,” said Harras. Throughout its 76 episodes, the series included well-known storylines like Days of Future Past, The Dark Phoenix Saga, and Wolverine's 'Weapon X ...
x men days of future past

Why the X-Men Don't Belong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Den of Geek US - 10 Nov 2017
X-Men: First Class resembled an actual spy movie, if of the goofy Sean Connery variety, and was a warm up for Matthew Vaughn before taking on Kingsman, while X-Men: Days of Future Past churlishly used mutant superpowers to challenge its heroes with ...
x men days of future past

15 X-Men Movie Easter Eggs Even Diehard Fans Missed

CBR (blog) - 24 Oct 2017
Blob's portrayal in the film was another rusty cog in a busted machine, which might be why Bryan Singer (the director of X2: X-Men United and Days of Future Past; you know, the best ones in the series) may have found it fun to have Angel kill him off ...
x men days of future past

10 Actors Who Reclaimed Some Dignity In 2017

WhatCulture - 17 Nov 2017
Just ask Michael Fassbender who, a few years back, made X-Men: Days of Future Past, Slow West, Macbeth, and Steve Jobs back to back, only to have turned out a mighty seven critical flops in a row over the last two years, culminating in recent misfire ...
x men days of future past

X-Men Beginnings Trilogy – Mutant Superpowers

Geeky Gadgets - 23 Oct 2017
This month 20th Century FOX has made the the X-Men Beginnings Trilogy available to purchase combining X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse together, allowing you to enjoy the creation of the X-Men and how the team ...

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