Vince McMahon Is Rejiggering The XFL, Hoping To Avoid Another Ex-FL -

How XFL can compete with the NFL

The Pacer - 23 Feb 2018
The current professional wrestling executive started the XFL in 1999, but the league folded in 2001. The XFL was marketed as a tougher and more extreme version of the original NFL. The brief stint of the XFL doesn't paint a good outlook for the ...

Vince McMahon's XFL wrestles with violence and player safety

The Daily Titan - 21 Feb 2018
Football reimagined. This is the idea CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., Vince McMahon, pitched when he announced the revival of the Xtreme Football League during a press conference held on Jan. 25. However, McMahon had a different selling ...

The resurrected XFL is the perfect exponent of Trump's America

The Guardian - 27 Jan 2018
He said repeatedly that the football would be high-quality without indicating how this league would be any different than the handful of second-tier spring leagues that have come along, including the first XFL, only to die deaths of indifference. The ...

On Fire | The XFL is Back and More Patriotic Than Ever

The Emory Wheel - 14 Feb 2018
“One: Is this or is this not the XFL? Yes it is. Two: Do I or do I not currently have a pulse? Yes, I do. Let's play football.” — Former XFL Quarterback Jeff Brohm on playing six days after a concussion. With the post-Super Bowl flames in Philadelphia ...

Where will the XFL land its eight teams? (Maybe Amazon can help)

Phoenix Business Journal - 01 Feb 2018
McMahon is looking for eight cities to host the rebirth of his XFL football league in 2020. McMahon is founder and chairman of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.) (NYSE: WWE). He's looking to again take on the National Football League with the ...

Our Proposed Rule Changes For The New XFL

Houston Press - 31 Jan 2018
As you've unfortunately heard by now, WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is planning to reboot the XFL in 2020. For those whose memories have mercifully shuffled on to other things, the original XFL was a joint venture between McMahon's then-WWF and ...

Could the NFLPA use the XFL as leverage against the NFL?

Cincy Jungle - 06 Feb 2018
With CBA negotiations coming up, could the players' association use the anticipated XFL to help get a better deal? By Nick Manchester@NickManchester9 Feb 6, 2018, 7:00am EST. Share Tweet Share. Share. Could the NFLPA use the XFL as leverage against the ...

The XFL rebirth: Vince McMahon hopes to flourish in the Trump era

SportsPro Media - 24 Feb 2018
To those old enough to remember it, the XFL was a one-season wonder whose eight US-based teams carried macho monikers like Maniax, Rage, Hitmen and Xtreme. A tacky hodgepodge of dubious rules, trash talk and even trashier cheerleader outfits, it ...

Ben Charlson: The XFL will not succeed

The Michigan Daily - 02 Feb 2018
Over the past few years, the NFL has faced increasing scrutiny for its growing concussion epidemic and domestic violence issues, both serving as evidence in the narrative that the NFL is a destructive professional sports league. But the NFL did not ...

Deserving of a Second Chance: The XFL

The Rampage Online - 21 Feb 2018
Nearly 18 years ago, an upstart football league was birthed in Stamford, Connecticut from the mind of certified madman Vince McMahon. Known for making professional wrestling a nationwide attraction, McMahon conceived the idea of the XFL with the goal ...

Dumped by Chargers, San Diego sadly settling for XFL dreams

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 11 Feb 2018
Now we're getting worked up over the XFL, and there are no certainties it will start up again, and if it does, there are no guarantees it would come here. We should realize anything San Diego State does on a football field is much better (and important ...

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