The Yazidis (also Yezidis, Êzidî; i/jəˈziːdiːz/ yə-ZE... -

The Yazidis (also Yezidis, Êzidî; i/jəˈziːdiːz/ yə-ZE...

wikipedia - 06 Oct 2018
The Yazidis (also Yezidis, Êzidî; i/jəˈziːdiːz/ yə-ZEE-dees) are an ethnically Kurdish religious community or an ethno-religious group indigenous to northern Mesopotamia (see also Ezidkhan) who are strictly endogamous. Their religion, Yazidism is linked to ancient Mesopotamian religions and combines aspects of Zoroastrianism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Yazidis who marry non-Yazidis are automatically considered to be converted to the religion of their spouse and therefore are not p

Close to 200000 Yazidis remain displaced

Norwegian Refugee Council - 13 Nov 2018
IRAQ/Sinjar: "When the Islamic State group attacked our village, we fled. We stayed on Sinjar mountain for eight days. I saw children and older people die from ...

Israel and the Yazidis

Middle East Forum - 26 Nov 2018
I saw the mass graves of Yazidis murdered by ISIS. It was a genocide and Israel should recognize it. In December 2015, almost three years ago, I.

Yazidis in US Mark IS Genocide Anniversary

ວີໂອເອ-ລາວ (VOA) - 04 Aug 2018
While grateful to have reached safety in US, members are heartbroken that thousands of Yazidis remain under IS captivity or in refugee camps.

'They have no idea how much danger I'm in'

CNN - 19 Jul 2018
For both of Adel and Majhor, reaching the UK was the last stop in their journey to find safety. If their asylum cases fail, they fear they will have nowhere left to go.

Iraq: Yazidis of Sinjar today - Iraq

ReliefWeb - 15 Oct 2018
Duhok, 15 October 2018 - Last August marked the fourth anniversary of the Yazidi genocide, and while many countries have spoken out condemning the actions ...

Home, strange home

Winnipeg Free Press - 01 Dec 2018
After escaping Islamic State, genocide and refugee-camp perils, rescued Yazidis in Winnipeg are maki...

Iraq (The Yazidis) - Jewish World Watch

Jewish World Watch - 09 Mar 2018
The Yazidis are an ancient ethnic and religious minority who live primarily in the Nineveh Province of Northern Iraq. In August 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and ...

Power of the purse

WORLD News group - 20 Nov 2018
When Yazidi advocate Pari Ibrahim goes back to the Yazidi refugee camps in the Kurdistan region in Iraq, the people always ask, “What did the U.S. say?

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