No, An Imminent Yellowstone Eruption Isn't Causing Bison To Flee The National ... -
yellowstone volcano

NASA Moves To Save the World From Yellowstone Supervolcano Threat

Sputnik International - 07 Oct 2018
NASA scientists have reportedly designed a way to avert a disaster which may threaten mankind's continued existence – the threat of Yellowstone supervolcano eruption. Brian Wilcox of the NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab explained to BBC that the US space ...
yellowstone volcano

California supervolcano may be as dangerous as Yellowstone's - 29 Sep 2018
Every time a geyser coughs in Yellowstone National Park someone publishes a story with a dire headline about the end of the world. To wit: "Yellowstone volcano WARNING: Supervolcano WILL erupt and could END human civilisation." And then the rest of ...

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