This Is What It Was Like to Hear Yma Sumac Sing in Concert -
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This Is What It Was Like to Hear Yma Sumac Sing in Concert

TIME - 12 Sep 2016
Tuesday marks what would have been the 94th birthday of the Peruvian singer known as Yma Sumac, who was born Sept. 13, 1922, and became known worldwide for a vocal range that spanned at least four octaves. In August of 1950, Sumac performed for ...
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Arm Your Mind With 2017's Best Latino/Latin American History Books

Remezcla (blog) - 27 Dec 2017
This spectacular collection of essays features the many ways Latin music has influenced Los Angeles and beyond, from a history of son jarocho in Southern California to the early days of queer Latino clubs to a hilarious analysis by Los Angeles Times ...
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Voices of the Xtabay: A Tribute to Yma Sumac

L.A. Weekly - 04 Oct 2017
From high in the Andes came a thrilling, trilling wail, and it wasn't a bird or a princess locked in a tower — it was the unearthly, ungodly vocal instrument of a young Peruvian named Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chavarri del Castillo, who, as the ...
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Buoyed by drag, Yma Sumac's silenced voice soars again

The Villager - 21 Mar 2017
BY GERALD BUSBY | “The Legend of Yma Sumac,” which opened March 15 at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, is as exotic and surprising as its subject. Born Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chávarri del Castillo, Yma Sumac (early 1920s–2008) was a Peruvian woman with ...
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Dansul israelian la el acasă

Adevărul - 11 Jan 2018
Pe o coloană muzicală care alătură secvenţe de operă (pagliacci), tangou Piazzola, Harry James, soprana Yma Sumac şi cântece din Tuva. Dintre consacraţi, Rami Be'er ne-a uimit cu Kibbutzit 360º, dansat impecabil de cei mai tineri membri ai companiei ...
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A Best detailed life summary of Yma Sumac music .

JBH News - 05 May 2017
Yma Sumac music is liked for a long time. Singer Yma Sumac was born in Cajamaca, a city of Peru. She was born on 13th September, 1922 approximately. In 1946 when she arrived to United States, she started singing and was well known and famous for her ...
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Mnohostranný monolit

Haló Noviny - 30 Dec 2017
Dnes se už skoro nikdo na oblohu nedívá kvůli nějakým knížkám, leda když kontroluje, jestli náhodou neprší dividendy. Nebo aspoň nějaká kapka, co vytekla zbohatlíkům z kapsy. Olbracht měl obdivuhodné tvůrčí rozpětí, něco jako Yma Sumac v české podobě ...
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Un canto que nace de la voz ritual y ancestral

La Gaceta Tucumán - 12 Jan 2018
A los pies del cerro San Javier, las cantautoras Soema Montenegro y Caro Tapia se instalaron huyendo del verano porteño y de las distracciones cotidianas para avanzar en su libro conjunto con investigaciones sobre la voz. Esta noche saldrán de ese ...
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Who was Yma Sumac? Google Doodle honors the 'Peruvian songbird.'

Mic - 13 Sep 2016
On Sept. 13, 1922, Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chávarri del Castillo, better known by her stage name Yma Sumac, the "Peruvian songbird" was born. Her divine, unworldly voice, which stretched more than four octaves, was largely responsible for introducing ...
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Yma Sumac, 'Peruvian songbird' with multi-octave range, dies at 86

Los Angeles Times - 03 Nov 2008
After making her name as a solo artist, Sumac toured around the world for several years in the '60s, but her popularity in the U.S. had waned by then. In 1971, she recorded a psychedelic rock album, "Miracles," that was not widely released, and semi ...
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Remembering Yma Sumac, 'The Peruvian Songbird,' at 94

Peru Reports - 16 Sep 2016
Google's homepage featured an image of Yma Sumac on Sept. 13, which would have marked the 94th birthday of the Peruvian soprano who found global fame with her four-octave voice. “The Peruvian Songbird” first came to prominence in 1950 after signing a ...
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El primer drag, por Javier Ponce Gambirazio

Lucidez (Comunicado de prensa) (blog) - 28 Dec 2017
La lucha eterna entre los conservadores y la cultura que procura avanzar. La mediocridad ganó esa batalla y su genialidad fue condenada a las sombras. A veces la victoria llega cuando ya no sirve de nada. Años después, Juan Carlos Ferrando interpretó ...
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Get To Know Jinkx Monsoon From RuPaul's Drag Race

The Debrief - 23 Aug 2017
Probably everyone's personal highlight of season 5 was Monsoon's Lip Sync For Your Life moment. Our fave went head to head with competitor Detox Icunt to perform the song 'Malambo No. 1' by Yma Sumac. Those lip-curling, hip-grinding dance moves and ...
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No puedo más, por Javier Ponce Gambirazio

Lucidez (Comunicado de prensa) (blog) - 23 Dec 2017
¡No podría escuchar a Yma Sumac! Cuando salga de la cárcel, voy a formar mi propia religión en la que adoraré a mi divinidad todos los martes a las cuatro de la madrugada con bombos, tubas y tambores. Alegaré el mismo derecho que tienen los curas para ...
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«Yma Sumac – Η Περουβιανη ντίβα» της Πέρσας Σούκα - 27 Nov 2017
κριτικός και μου λέει, “μαντάμ Σουμάκ, με όλο τον σεβασμό, εδώ στην Ιταλία έχουμε τους καλύτερους τραγουδιστές του κόσμου. Μην περιμένετε από μένα να σας γράψω μια διθυραμβική κριτική επειδή έτσι σας έχουν μάθει στις υπόλοιπες χωρες”. Σήκωσα το φρύδι ...

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