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Is Zillow falling for Justin? The marketplace may expand into Canada

The Real Deal Magazine - 21 Oct 2017
Zillow Group is looking north of the border to add Canadian properties to its marketplace. The company is registered as an active lobbyist with the Canadian government, represented by Summa Strategies' Alex Maheu, and sources confirmed executive Errol ...

Zillow economist sees no relief on horizon for Seattle's housing crunch

Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) - 19 Oct 2017
This is not true, according to the recently released 2017 Zillow Group Report on Consumer Housing Trends. Based on a nationally representative online survey of more than 13,000 buyers, sellers, renters and homeowners, the report found that 42 percent ...

Zillow's 'Bridge Listing Input': New name, old tool? - 18 Oct 2017
Earlier this year, Inman called out Zillow Group for hyping its MLS customer growth for its listing management platform Bridge Interactive. Now it looks like the real estate giant is trying to pass off an old tool as a new one through a rebrand ...

Zillow is adding 3D tours to its real estate listings

Engadget - 05 Oct 2017
Zillow is working on an app that will allow those hunting for homes on its site to get a 3D tour of houses they're interested in buying or renting. The company says that 44 percent of home buyers and 47 percent of renters look for a new home outside of ...

While we debate Zillow, more Big Shorts loom - 13 Oct 2017
For the umpteenth time, someone in a Facebook group recently asked if buying leads from Zillow was worth it. The answers varied from ominous condemnations to enthusiastic support, with a few tin foil hat aficionados drawing parallels between chem ...

Zillow to Introduce 3D Tours of Houses and Apartments

Mental Floss - 13 Oct 2017
Real estate agents with iPhones will use the Zillow Group Home Capture App to upload 360-degree pictures of rooms to Zillow Group, sans special equipment and hosting fees. The photos will then be fused together into a panoramic walk-through, and the ...

Zillow expands solar energy scores to 84 million homes - 16 Oct 2017
Homebuyers and sellers are becoming more aware of the value of rooftop solar panels -- not just for ecological reasons, but for energy savings as well -- and now there is a quick and easy way to estimate that value. Zillow has partnered with two ...

How to make money off these 6 housing trends from Zillow - 09 Oct 2017
Zillow's Consumer Housing Trends Report for 2017 reveals some surprising first-time buyer trends, the impact of rent increases on home sales, how sellers are finding their agents and data supporting face-to-face marketing. With October being the ideal ...

Become a Zillow power-user with these 5 tips - 09 Oct 2017
Odds are, if you're a real estate agent, you already have a Zillow account. You probably even have a couple reviews and a few sold listings. But just as your Facebook page can sit idly and collect dust, and your LinkedIn bio can either draw in ...

Zillow expands its solar evaluation listings to 84 million homes

pv magazine USA - 18 Oct 2017
Last year, as the number of solar jobs expanded and solar growth continued apace, the online home-listing service provider Zillow added a solar potential listing to descriptions of 40 million homes, thanks to a partnership with two startups, Sun Number ...

How does Zillow stack up to its global peers? - 04 Oct 2017
What we have below is a quick look at the U.S. market leader, Zillow Group. I've pulled out some of the most interesting highlights that show how the business really compares to its international peers. A global comparison: revenue, growth and ...

New Zillow tool peers into the minds of renters - 10 Oct 2017
Zillow Group has announced the launch of Rental Inform, a data dashboard comprised of exclusive, real-time rental market and aggregated consumer insight data aimed to help property management companies make decisions about operations, marketing ...

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