Jovian, who played 'Zoboomafoo' on TV, has died at the Duke Lemur Center -

Duke's lemur baby boom includes niece of Zoboomafoo

News & Observer - 16 Jun 2017
She's the niece of the famous Zoboomafoo (aka Jovian). “Zoboomafoo” was a zoological children's television series from 1999 to 2001 that featured a sifaka named Zoboomafoo, played by Jovian. Zoboomafoo's home was the Duke Lemur Center, where he ...

Internet mourns loss of celebrity lemur Zoboomafoo

USA TODAY - 12 Nov 2014
Imagine a time before YouTube made millionaire grumpy cats and celebrity sloth sanctuaries, when cuteness overload Vines were merely a dream recorded in a Lisa Frank dolphin-emblazoned trapper keeper. There was Zoboomafoo, and he was an instant ...

Vintage Neil Simon comedy takes over Upper Canada Playhouse stage

The Suburban Newspaper - 02 Aug 2018
Collins was also nominated for an EMMY for his direction of Zoboomafoo on PBS. 'Jesse has always delivered a great show to Playhouse audiences,' added Bowes. 'And Plaza Suite is no exception.' Viviana Zarrillo was last seen at The Playhouse in last ...

'Zoboomafoo' Lemur Passes Away & Takes Your Childhood With Him

Bustle - 12 Nov 2014
I don't care what anyone says: we had way better children's shows in the late '90s and early '00s — and, no, I'm not just talking about Blue's Clues and spiritual successor Dora the Explorer. Oh sure, the eponymous star of the latter might be a big ...

The Netflix Show You Need To Watch Before It Leaves In July 2016

Bustle - 20 Jun 2016
Everyone take a few deep breaths, because your minds are about to be blown. If there is any one show on Netflix you need to watch before it leaves in July, then it's the short-lived PBS educational series Zoboomafoo. See? You either just went, "OMG, so ...

Stop All The Clocks — Zoboomafoo Has Died

Refinery29 - 12 Nov 2014
Yesterday, Duke University announced the sad news on Facebook. The beloved Coquerel's sifaka passed at the Duke Lemur Center, which is where he filmed much of Zoboomafoo. The animal show was hosted by brothers Chris and Martin Kratt from 1999 to ...

Meet Gabe, the first lemur to be born this birthing season

Duke Chronicle - 05 Mar 2018
Need another reason to prove Duke is better than UNC? We have a new baby lemur. The Duke Lemur Center announced Thursday that the Dec. 23 birth of Elagabalus had kicked off this year's birthing season. Known as “Gabe” for short, the new baby is a ...

'Zoboomafoo' star passes away at Duke Lemur Center - 12 Nov 2014
DURHAM, North Carolina — Jovian, a star of the PBS show 'Zoboomafoo', has passed away. According to Duke Lemur Center, Jovian died from kidney failure on Monday. He was 20. Jovian appeared in 'Zoboomafoo' from 1999 to 2011. The show as created ...

It's a boy! Lemur born at Duke during snowstorm

Charlotte Observer - 25 Jan 2016
Zoboomafoo, the late lemur and star of the PBS children's show, became a grandaddy on Saturday. The Duke Lemur Center is celebrating the birth of a male born to a sifaka lemur named Gisela, the daughter of Zoboomafoo. The tiny lemur arrived during the ...

[REVIEW]: 'Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat'

Rotoscopers - 09 Apr 2018
No doubt you grew up watching, among other shows, the literacy- and numeracy-promoting Sesame Street and Between the Lions, the wildlife-centered Kratts' Creatures and Zoboomafoo, and, of course, the series that is the subject of this review: Sagwa ...

Wild Kratts LIVE! Bring ALL-NEW Show To Omaha

Broadway World - 03 May 2018
It was created for the stage by the imaginative minds of Martin and Chris Kratt from Zoboomafoo, Kratt's Creatures, and Kratt Bros. Be the Creature. The PBS KIDS TV show, Wild Kratts, was created and developed by brothers and zoologists Martin and ...

The Science Behind Emotional Support Animals and Whether They Work

Reader's Digest - 05 Jan 2017
“It wasn't long after that I noticed that my new parrot, Zoboomafoo, was very intuitive and could tell when my anxiety was high or I was having a panic attack. He would sit on my shoulder and offer me kisses, whistles of encouragement, and provide me ...

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