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Zombo.com is a single-serving site that was created in 1999 whe...

wikipedia - 19 Sep 2016
Zombo.com is a single-serving site that was created in 1999 when Flash animation was a new technology. Originally a faculty and student joke from the George Washington University Center for Professional Development, the site parodies Flash introductory web pages that play while the rest of a site's content loads. Zombo took the concept to a humorous extreme, consisting of one long introductory page that leads to a message that says, "Sign Up For The NewZLetter", with the Z being red.

For the Record: 2017 — The Year of the Trump

USA TODAY - 03 Jan 2017
For the Trump Train, the honeymoon period is going to be a blast — Trump's in the White House, Republicans control both houses of Congress, Trump gets to nominate a whole boatload of judges ...

Những Website đáng sợ tuyệt đối không truy cập khi ở một mình

Đời Sống & Pháp Luật (lời tuyên bố phát cho các báo) - 11 Sep 2017
Toàn bộ website này là lời giới thiệu về một website không tồn tại, với biểu tượng nhân tạo ở chính giữa màn hình và một giọng nói đón chào bạn đến với zombo.com. Nếu bạn có thời gian rảnh, khuyên bạn rất nên thử trang này, nhưng hãy đảm bảo rằng ...

Sea of Thieves can be anything!

Destructoid - 11 Jun 2017
I don't remember the last time I saw Sea of Thieves, but it doesn't really thrill me. I'm not big on pirates and the whole open world thing is a little old hat. That isn't to say this doesn't look neat, but I don't know how much I can believe about the ...

The 9 Types Of Cooks Who Work In Fine Dining Restaurants

BuzzFeed News - 26 Jul 2017
How to spot one: These cooks are covered in tattoos of cleavers, whisks, and pork cuts, carry a pair of plating tweezers on them at all times, and prefer small plates to large portions. They are most commonly found in gastropubs, fine-dining ...

What happened to the internet's greatest hits?

TechRadar UK - 06 Apr 2014
In the real world, neglected buildings don't stay intact for long: the windows get broken, the walls get tagged and Mother Nature slowly begins to show them who's boss. Does the same thing happen online? It certainly seemed to in the case of the ...

How to Rename a Favorite in Microsoft Edge Browser

Laptop Mag - 11 Dec 2015
So you've got a big list of favorites in Microsoft's Edge browser, but now you want to tighten up that list by renaming a few entries. Or maybe you just want to hide the fact that you need quick access to Zombo.com at all times. If so, here's quick ...

Hotmail is dead; long live these obsolete sites!

Entertainment Weekly - 19 Feb 2013
It's true — that spam-choked email account you used while signing up for Neopets in 1998 is still alive and kicking, though only for a few more months at most. But while longtime web users may mourn Hotmail's death — making jokes about out-of-touch ...

Tasker: AutoApps Receive First Android N Update

XDA Developers (blog) - 20 May 2016
Joaomgcd, creator of the AutoApps suite of Tasker plugins has begun, readying them for the change in APIs Android N brings to the game. So far AutoNotification and AutoInput have received updates, however due to Google not allowing the publishing of ...

Flagpole Premieres: The Quiet Pack, 'Meet Me On the Astral Plane'

Flagpole Magazine (blog) - 26 Apr 2016
Athens-based indie hip hop artist Marshall Moore retired his Hairy Confucius moniker last December, but fret not: Moore is back as The Quiet Pack, and today we're happy to premiere the project's first single, the jazzy, understated "Meet Me On the ...

Google grabs Zombo for $12M

VatorNews - 01 Apr 2010
Google has decided it's time to make “anything possible.” The search giant announced Wednesday morning that it had acquired online wellness pioneer Zombo.com for $12 million. Zombo's executive team will join Android's App Market division. Zombo is a ...

RT.com partially banned by Reddit

RT - 30 Aug 2013
However, clicking on the link led to an empty website, Zombo.com. But the joke wasn't welcomed by the users, who blamed the moderator for being “unprofessional.” “Why offer a vote on the subject just to direct to a dumb 90's troll website? You're just ...

Getting to Know... Sarah Storms Kipp

Gettysburg Times - 02 Mar 2015
How about this one: zombo.com (make sure your speakers are on). Would like concert tickets to see: Wild Belle, but if you're including tickets on a time-travel machine, then I'd go to something more raucous - maybe the Clash. One bad habit: My bleeping ...


Video footage of ANTHRAX bassist Frank Bello and pop superstar Justin Bieber "talking shit" about Dom DeLuca (a.k.a. Brooklyn Dom), the owner of the Brooklyn Projects skate shop in Los Angeles, on July 28 can be seen below. Bieber was recently ...

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