This Adorable 'Zonkey' Is What You Get When You Cross A Zebra And A Dwarf ... -

Nova Scotia's famed rescued zonkey has a new striped pal - 16 Jul 2017
Welburn said she received a message out of the blue from a woman in Pennsylvania who followed Zelda's story and wanted to see if the rescue could take on another zonkey. ​She said the woman wanted to keep the unique creature out of what Welburn ...

Rare "zonkey" in Palm City

WPBF West Palm Beach - 18 Jul 2017
A massive operation in Fairfield Township went down overnight all in an effort to save a dog. Susan Kimball spent the past three days frantically searching for her pug mix, Tiffany, who is deaf and nearly blind. Advertisement. "She somehow wandered off.

Charles Glaubitz is a rising star

San Diego CityBEAT - 19 Jul 2017
The Tijuana-based painter, illustrator and graphic novelist has a visual style that employs iconic, cartoonish imagery such as Lucha Libre masks and skeleton-faced Mickey Mouse figures, as well as children in spacesuits and “Zonkey” costumes (Zonkeys ...

Umphrey's McGee

Knoxville City View - 30 Jun 2017
Their most recent studio album, Zonkey, offers a mash-up of reworked tracks by various artists—from Phil Collins to Pink Floyd. UM's Keyboardist Joel Cummins was good enough to answer a few of our questions. Cityview: What motivates you all to work ...

Mustangs, burros are given a second chance

Bend Bulletin - 22 Jul 2017
At Sky Dog Sanctuary's recent open house, Staples-Read and her husband Chris Read invited the public to tour their facility and visit their collection of mustangs, burros and some other rare mixed breeds, such as a zonkey, which is half donkey and half ...

Facebook user questions giraffe care at Bayou Wildlife Zoo - 13 Jul 2017
Other animals at the zoo include zebras, a zonkey, a white rhino, ostriches, alligators, kangaroos and ring-tailed lemurs. Dempsey said she has contacted several local agencies since visiting the park on Wednesday, and has offered to volunteer at the ...

Umphrey's McGee: Zonkey

Relix - 30 Nov 2016
But Umphrey's McGee rejuvenated the entire concept with Zonkey, an album of jolting genre cross-pollination that makes you notice the core similarities between Frank Zappa and Bob Marley, or Fleetwood Mac and the Weeknd. The progressive-jam sextet ...

The "Zonkey" of Hybrid Warfare

Google (press release) - 03 May 2017
Of the many pearls of wisdom aired by Manohar Parrikar as Defence Minister, one was that military's respect had diminished “for one reason that for 40-50 years, we have not fought a war”. Obviously, he had no inkling of the hybrid war India is ...

Review – Umphrey's McGee Brought Red Rocks to Another Galaxy

303 Magazine - 04 Jul 2017
In 2016 Umphrey's McGee released their album, Zonkey which consists entirely of cross-genre mashups. Featured on the album is Jennifer Hartswick, who does the female vocals when needed. It took until one of the very last songs of the weekend when ...

Track By Track: Umphrey's McGee's 'Zonkey'

Relix - 29 Dec 2016
Umphrey's has now collected a dozen of their favorite mash-ups on their new album, Zonkey. The band recorded new versions of these songs in the studio, using their live performances as reference points. “We started with a live version and Kris [Myers ...

Zelda the zonkey, home at last

BBC News - 09 Feb 2017
"I'd never seen a zonkey on there," she said. Ms Benton imagined people would be chomping at the bit to own the rare breed, but when she phoned, she found out that the zonkey called "animal no 20" would be taken away to the slaughterhouse that night.

Zelda the zonkey saved from slaughter, coming to NS - 28 Nov 2016
On Nov. 20, Zelda was just one hour from a New Jersey slaughterhouse before Ashleigh Benton of Halifax came to her rescue. Six-year-old Zelda the zonkey — half zebra, half donkey — arrived at a “kill pen” in New Jersey just two weeks earlier and had ...

Umphrey's McGee | Zonkey | Review

Grateful Web - 09 Nov 2016
The spectrum of songs, artists, and genres presented on Zonkey has no boundaries as the boys derived elements of 90s metal, rap, 80s R&B, modern synth-pop, reggae, 70s soft rock, and more to make a truly unbelievable collection of tracks. Just when you ...

Vitalis Villas: Splendor in the north

Business Mirror - 29 Jun 2017
Adult and child guests can enjoy the mini zoo with its ponies, donkeys and trained zebras, one-hump camel and a zonkey (a mix of zebra and donkey), with an attending veterinarian to look after their health and safety. Guests can also enjoy water sports ...

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