This Adorable 'Zonkey' Is What You Get When You Cross A Zebra And A Dwarf ... -

Umphrey's McGee to play Casino Ballroom May 19 - 08 May 2018
An album of 12 unique mashups, conceived and arranged by the band, “ZONKEY” is as seamless as it is bizarre, playful as it is razor sharp. Bits and pieces of classic songs are culled from 40-plus years of popular music from '70s reggae to '80s pop to ...

It is them: Genre-defying band Umphrey's McGee is at it again

The Union Leader - 17 May 2018
The group that formed on the Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Ind., in 1997, has followed up 2016's “Zonkey” release with this year's album “It's Not Us.” “The music of Umphrey's McGee unfolds like an unpredictable conversation between longtime friends.

Frayles entra a territorio Zonkey

EL DEBATE - 04 May 2018
Guasave, Sinaloa.- Frayles de Guasave pondrá en marcha esta noche la penúltima serie de la primera vuelta dentro del Circuito de Baloncesto de la Costa del Pacífico, cuando visite a Zonkeys de Tijuana en el auditorio Fausto Gutiérrez Moreno de la ...

Zonkey viaja a Culiacán para enfrentar a Caballeros

El Sol de Tijuana (Comunicado de prensa) - 30 Apr 2018
Tijuana.- El norteamericano Mychal Lemar Ammons, quien se encuentra en su segunda etapa con Tijuana Zonkeys en el marco de la Temporada Cibacopa 2018, sigue destacando en el departamento de “puntos hechos de dos”. Con 84 conseguidos ...

World Donkey Day: Top ten facts about donkeys - 08 May 2018
Matings between a zebra and a donkey have also been recorded and the offspring have been called “zebroid”, “zonkey” or “zeedonk”. 9. The large ears of a donkey help it hear another donkey up to 60 miles away across clear desert. 10. China has more ...

Nova Scotia's famed rescued zonkey has a new striped pal - 16 Jul 2017
An equine rescue farm on Nova Scotia's South Shore welcomed some new tenants this week and one of them has stripes. Zonk is the second half-zebra-half-donkey hybrid to be given to the rescue. The animal's story and his DNA are similar to Zelda's, ...

Rarity Acres Zorse and Zonkey Farm

Atlas Obscura - 10 Apr 2017
Rarity Acres in Kalamazoo is named after owner Timianne Sebright's Grant zebra stallion, Rarity. Rarity's previous owner had been abusive, so on top of a zebra's naturally unpredictable and panicky nature (they evolved to fend off lions), Rarity had ...

[UPDATED] Umphrey's McGee Announces Mashup Album 'ZONKEY'

JamBase - 08 Sep 2016
Umphrey's McGee first began offering original mashups of multiple songs during their Halloween concert at The Warfield in San Francisco in 2008. The sextet has kept up the tradition over the years and today revealed plans to issue ZONKEY – a new studio ...

Tijuana animal-rights lawyers win one for zonkeys

San Diego Reader - 14 Sep 2017
Instead, he suggested, a representation of a zonkey could be used instead and placed in commercial plazas or used at cultural events. #Animal-rights activists made the same suggestion several years ago, arguing that the zonkeys should be replaced by ...

Track By Track: Umphrey's McGee's 'Zonkey'

Relix - 29 Dec 2016
Umphrey's has now collected a dozen of their favorite mash-ups on their new album, Zonkey. The band recorded new versions of these songs in the studio, using their live performances as reference points. “We started with a live version and Kris [Myers ...

Zelda the zonkey, home at last

BBC News - 09 Feb 2017
Ms Benton imagined people would be chomping at the bit to own the rare breed, but when she phoned, she found out that the zonkey called "animal no 20" would be taken away to the slaughterhouse that night. She suspects her lack of zebra stripes may ...

Umphrey's McGee: Zonkey

American Songwriter - 14 Nov 2016
Zonkey is little more than a side trip for Umphrey's McGee, but it's an insightful example of the band's restless nature. It'll also send many listeners back to some of the originals (several quite obscure like the Beastie Boys' “Mark on the Bus” and ...

The "Zonkey" of Hybrid Warfare

Google (press release) - 03 May 2017
Of the many pearls of wisdom aired by Manohar Parrikar as Defence Minister, one was that military's respect had diminished “for one reason that for 40-50 years, we have not fought a war”. Obviously, he had no inkling of the hybrid war India is ...

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