This Adorable 'Zonkey' Is What You Get When You Cross A Zebra And A Dwarf ... -

Tijuana animal-rights lawyers win one for zonkeys

San Diego Reader - 14 Sep 2017
Instead, he suggested, a representation of a zonkey could be used instead and placed in commercial plazas or used at cultural events. #Animal-rights activists made the same suggestion several years ago, arguing that the zonkeys should be replaced by ...

After 20 years, Umphrey's McGee continues to (not) look for a hit

Lexington Herald Leader - 23 Aug 2017
Check out “The London Session” (2015), named for the single day at the famed Abbey Road Studio Two, which yielded all of the album's 10 tunes, and you will experience a streamlined quilt of those inspirations. Listen to its newest recording, “Zonkey ...

Nova Scotia's famed rescued zonkey has a new striped pal - 16 Jul 2017
Welburn said she received a message out of the blue from a woman in Pennsylvania who followed Zelda's story and wanted to see if the rescue could take on another zonkey. ​She said the woman wanted to keep the unique creature out of what Welburn ...

The "Zonkey" of Hybrid Warfare

Google (press release) - 03 May 2017
Of the many pearls of wisdom aired by Manohar Parrikar as Defence Minister, one was that military's respect had diminished “for one reason that for 40-50 years, we have not fought a war”. Obviously, he had no inkling of the hybrid war India is ...

Track By Track: Umphrey's McGee's 'Zonkey'

Relix - 29 Dec 2016
Umphrey's has now collected a dozen of their favorite mash-ups on their new album, Zonkey. The band recorded new versions of these songs in the studio, using their live performances as reference points. “We started with a live version and Kris [Myers ...

Concerts | Kid Cudi plans Cleveland show in October

Mansfield News Journal - 23 Aug 2017
Cleveland's own Kid Cudi has finally announced a tour to support his 2016 effort “Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin.'” The MC, who has also been dabbling in acting, returns to the Rock Hall City for an Oct. 7 show at the Wolstein Center. Tickets are $29.50 ...

Zelda the zonkey, home at last

BBC News - 09 Feb 2017
Ms Benton imagined people would be chomping at the bit to own the rare breed, but when she phoned, she found out that the zonkey called "animal no 20" would be taken away to the slaughterhouse that night. She suspects her lack of zebra stripes may ...

Zelda the zonkey saved from slaughter, coming to NS - 28 Nov 2016
On Nov. 20, Zelda was just one hour from a New Jersey slaughterhouse before Ashleigh Benton of Halifax came to her rescue. Six-year-old Zelda the zonkey — half zebra, half donkey — arrived at a “kill pen” in New Jersey just two weeks earlier and had ...

Umphrey's McGee | Zonkey | Review

Grateful Web - 09 Nov 2016
The sextet have never been shy about performing outside the box and this month will be releasing their newest studio album called Zonkey, a collection of mixed up cover songs intertwined within each other. The concept itself is not entirely unheard of ...

Umphrey's McGee: Zonkey

Relix - 30 Nov 2016
But Umphrey's McGee rejuvenated the entire concept with Zonkey, an album of jolting genre cross-pollination that makes you notice the core similarities between Frank Zappa and Bob Marley, or Fleetwood Mac and the Weeknd. The progressive-jam sextet ...

“ZONKEY” by Umphrey's McGee

Emertainment Monthly (registration) (blog) - 06 Jan 2017
On November 11, 2016, Umphrey's McGee released “ZONKEY,” their latest album. This album is comprised of all mash-ups, each mash-up being a combination of the band's influences. Although mash-ups sometimes seem like a cop-out move, this album ...

[UPDATED] Umphrey's McGee Announces Mashup Album 'ZONKEY'

JamBase - 07 Sep 2016
Umphrey's McGee first began offering original mashups of multiple songs during their Halloween concert at The Warfield in San Francisco in 2008. The sextet has kept up the tradition over the years and today revealed plans to issue ZONKEY – a new studio ...

Tacos and a zonkey coming to Fuel City in Haltom City next month

Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog) - 19 Nov 2016
The new marquee at the soon-to-be opened Fuel City is only one sign of how things will change in Haltom City. Set to open during the first two weeks of December, the convenience store extraordinaire at Haltom Road and Airport Freeway will also sport ...

Umphrey's McGee Cram 32 Songs into a Dozen Tracks on 'Zonkey!'

Music Fest News (press release) - 14 Dec 2016
Okay, to say we weren't just a little giddy with anticipation for the release of “Zonkey” would be an understatement! After catching a couple of the impending tracks live during the past year, I knew that this was going to be something special… and ...

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