This Adorable 'Zonkey' Is What You Get When You Cross A Zebra And A Dwarf ... -

Nova Scotia's famed rescued zonkey has a new striped pal - 16 Jul 2017
An equine rescue farm on Nova Scotia's South Shore welcomed some new tenants this week and one of them has stripes. Zonk is the second half-zebra-half-donkey hybrid to be given to the rescue. The animal's story and his DNA are similar to Zelda's, a ...

The "Zonkey" of Hybrid Warfare

Google (press release) - 03 May 2017
Of the many pearls of wisdom aired by Manohar Parrikar as Defence Minister, one was that military's respect had diminished “for one reason that for 40-50 years, we have not fought a war”. Obviously, he had no inkling of the hybrid war India is ...

Want to buy a zoo? Bayou Wildlife Zoo in Texas for sale

Albuquerque Journal - 14 Dec 2017
Animals at the zoo include zebras, a zonkey (the offspring of a donkey and zebra relationship), various ostriches and emus (who can be quite testy), a family of giraffes, camels, four alligators, small kangaroos, ring-tailed lemurs, rare breeds of ...

Track By Track: Umphrey's McGee's 'Zonkey'

Relix - 29 Dec 2016
On Oct. 31, 2008, at The Warfield in San Francisco, Umphrey's McGee debuted a series of mash-ups that have come to define the group's Halloween performances. As guitarist Brendan Bayliss recalls, “There was a DJ [Zebra] who did 'Come Together' by The ...

Zelda the zonkey, home at last

BBC News - 09 Feb 2017
"I'd never seen a zonkey on there," she said. Ms Benton imagined people would be chomping at the bit to own the rare breed, but when she phoned, she found out that the zonkey called "animal no 20" would be taken away to the slaughterhouse that night ...

[UPDATED] Umphrey's McGee Announces Mashup Album 'ZONKEY'

JamBase - 07 Sep 2016
Umphrey's McGee first began offering original mashups of multiple songs during their Halloween concert at The Warfield in San Francisco in 2008. The sextet has kept up the tradition over the years and today revealed plans to issue ZONKEY – a new studio ...

Zelda the zonkey saved from slaughter, coming to NS - 28 Nov 2016
On Nov. 20, Zelda was just one hour from a New Jersey slaughterhouse before Ashleigh Benton of Halifax came to her rescue. Six-year-old Zelda the zonkey — half zebra, half donkey — arrived at a “kill pen” in New Jersey just two weeks earlier and had ...

Umphrey's McGee: Zonkey

Relix - 30 Nov 2016
The mash-up approach has delivered diminishing returns since 2004, when Danger Mouse's Beatles-Jay Z hybrid, The Grey Album, triggered an avalanche of lazy cut-and-paste laptop tweakers. It's an art form with a discouraging shelf life, and the novelty ...

Tijuana animal-rights lawyers win one for zonkeys

San Diego Reader - 14 Sep 2017
#Luis Hernández, the attorney who brought the case, told the newspaper that the zonkeys can still be used along Avenida Revolución but may not receive any resources from the state as a consequence of a cultural heritage designation. #Hernández said ...

“ZONKEY” by Umphrey's McGee

Emertainment Monthly (blog) - 06 Jan 2017
In the jam band scene, there is none like Umphrey's McGee. After originally forming in 1997 at the University of Notre Dame, these guys have evolved into powerhouses of fusion rock music. They have expanded their following, broadened their styles, and ...

Hold Your Zorses

Slate Magazine - 19 Jun 2015
Mix a zebra and a horse, and you get a zorse. Swap the horse for a donkey, and you have yourself a zonkey. When a pony and a zebra love each other very much, you wind up with a zoni. It's fun to think of animal hybrids as the Reese's peanut butter cups ...

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