This Adorable 'Zonkey' Is What You Get When You Cross A Zebra And A Dwarf ... -

Meet a real 'Zonkey' living in North Texas - 31 Jul 2018
Meet a real 'Zonkey' living in North Texas. Unable to load video. After a post poking fun at a possibly fake donkey overseas went viral, we learned that actual Zonkeys do exist, and they're here in North Texas. Published: 10:23 PM CDT July 30, 2018 ...

Did this zoo paint a donkey to look like a zebra? - 28 Jul 2018
A zoo in Cairo, Egypt has been accused of painting a donkey with stripes to look like a zebra, tricking tourists and other visitors. In a now viral post, student Mahmoud Sarhan uploaded a picture of the animal on his Facebook page from his July 21 ...

You should be ashamed

West Somerset Free Press - 10 Aug 2018
rset Council planning committee's decision to require Annabel Cottrell to remove their caravan from Doniford Farm Park (Free Press August 3). To suggest that the caravan is sited in open countryside beggars belief. Even the zonkey knows that is not true.

Donkeys Help Humans Feel At Ease

Voice of America - 16 Aug 2018
He also has a mule and a donkey-zebra mix, called a "zonkey." All of the animals live on the grounds next to his home in Ulster Park, New York. The area is 130 kilometers north of New York City. Stiert takes his animals to schools and homes for old ...

Scientists Learning From Male 'Zonkey' Ippo - 01 Jul 2018
Half donkey, half zebra, the charming little hybrid “zonkey” was born in an Italian animal rescue center near Florence. His mother, an Italian Amiata donkey, was bred unexpectedly by a Burchell's plains zebra, a former circus animal, that jumped his ...

It's all about tequila in Las Vegas on July 24

KTNV Las Vegas - 23 Jul 2018
Features Mi Casa Margaritas, well drinks, Sonoran street dogs, chicken taquitos, zonkey nachos and more for $7 each. Borracha Mexican Cantina is also celebrating National Tequila Day with all-you-can-drink Casamigos tequila shots or margaritas for $24.

Nova Scotia's famed rescued zonkey has a new striped pal - 16 Jul 2017
Welburn said she received a message out of the blue from a woman in Pennsylvania who followed Zelda's story and wanted to see if the rescue could take on another zonkey. ​She said the woman wanted to keep the unique creature out of what Welburn ...

[UPDATED] Umphrey's McGee Announces Mashup Album 'ZONKEY'

JamBase - 08 Sep 2016
Umphrey's McGee first began offering original mashups of multiple songs during their Halloween concert at The Warfield in San Francisco in 2008. The sextet has kept up the tradition over the years and today revealed plans to issue ZONKEY – a new studio ...

Track By Track: Umphrey's McGee's 'Zonkey'

Relix - 29 Dec 2016
Umphrey's has now collected a dozen of their favorite mash-ups on their new album, Zonkey. The band recorded new versions of these songs in the studio, using their live performances as reference points. “We started with a live version and Kris [Myers ...

Rare Italian-born Baby Zonkey in Good Health

ABC News - 25 Jul 2013
However, Ippo isn't the only zonkey in the world. The Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Georgia was site to the birth of its own zonkey on July 21, 2010. C.W. Wathen, the owner of the animal preserve, said that the zonkey (or zedonk) has been in good ...

Umphrey's McGee: Zonkey

American Songwriter - 14 Nov 2016
Zonkey is little more than a side trip for Umphrey's McGee, but it's an insightful example of the band's restless nature. It'll also send many listeners back to some of the originals (several quite obscure like the Beastie Boys' “Mark on the Bus” and ...

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