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[FAKE NEWS ALERT] Claims Mr Bean is dead will give your PC a virus

Eyewitness News - 19 Jul 2018
JOHANNESBURG – News posts claiming Mr Bean, also known as Rowan Atkinson, has died could give your computer a virus. It's not the first time such claims have emerged, with the Mr Bean actor also previously the subject of untrue reports that he died in ...
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Actor Rowan Atkinson Defends MP Joke Comparing Burkas To Mailboxes

The Federalist - 15 Aug 2018
British Conservative Member of Parliament Boris Johnson was criticized for a joke about burkas he made last week in a column on recent enforcement of Denmark's “Burka Ban.” The law effectively bans women from wearing traditional Muslim head coverings ...
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MANDRAKE: Rowan Atkinson insists on having the last word on burkas

The New European - 16 Aug 2018
Although Rowan Atkinson likes to portray himself as a defender of freedom of expression – this is what was ostensibly behind his support for Boris Johnson's incendiary joke about Muslim women looking like “letterboxes” – the comedian is unwilling to ...
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Free speech: Rowan Atkinson's tired punchline misses point

The Big Smoke Australia - 15 Aug 2018
And I like Rowan Atkinson, who speaks very eloquently, so it is actually difficult for me to disagree with him, yet here we are. Atkinson gave an excellent little speech about the “reasonable and well-intentioned ambition to contain obnoxious elements ...
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When is Johnny English Strikes Again released in the UK?

Radio Times - 27 Jul 2018
Who is in the cast? Rowan Atkinson returns as the inept Johnny English. He's of course best known for his iconic characters Mr Bean (who even appeared during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics) and Blackadder.
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'Mr Bean' killed in McLaren car crash? Nope, it's a hoax

STOMP - 25 Jul 2018
Actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson, who is well-known for playing "Mr Bean", is not dead, with fake news about him being involved in a fatal crash circulating on the Internet. Stomper Dean had alerted Stomp to photos of Atkinson's "death", which ...
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On the frontline of India's WhatsApp fake news war

BBC News - 19 Aug 2018
Another popular and recurring hoax on the service is a fake BBC News item announcing the "death" of actor Rowan Atkinson. "I got this message a few years ago," says one student. "How can he die so many times?" Two years ago, Kannur had a tryst with a ...
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Rowan Atkinson op de bres voor Boris Johnson

Telegraaf.nl - 10 Aug 2018
Rowan Atkinson heeft het opgenomen voor Boris Johnson, die onder vuur ligt vanwege zijn opmerkingen over vrouwen die boerka's dragen. De voormalige minister van Buitenlandse Zaken is op het matje geroepen door de Conservatieve Partij omdat hij zei ...
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Rowan Atkinson se zastal Johnsona ve sporu o jeho výrok o burkách

České noviny - 10 Aug 2018
Londýn - Britský herec a komik Rowan Atkinson, známý především jako představitel Mr. Beana, se v tisku zastal bývalého ministra zahraničí Borise Johnsona kritizovaného za kontroverzní výrok o burkách. Johnson v něm takto zahalené ženy přirovnal k ...
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Better A Naked Public Square Than An Empty One

The Federalist - 20 Aug 2018
Barack Obama's closing interview in 2016 was his clearest statement on the issue. Rowan Atkinson, hardly a comic at the center of the conversation, is one of the few defending aggressively politically incorrect jokes. This clip from Bill Maher is the ...
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The Defence of Free Speech

Spalding Today - 20 Aug 2018
Rowan Atkinson recently launched a principled defence of free expression, a cause he has championed for some time - previously concluding that: 'Passionate belief that the right to express yourself freely is the second most precious thing in life ...
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Vanavond op televisie: Rowan Atkinson als commissaris Maigret

NU.nl - 25 Jul 2018
"Het was Parijs op zijn mooist", vertelde Rowan Atkinson ons twee jaar geleden. "Alleen was het opgenomen in Boedapest." In deze Britse televisiefilm zet Atkinson, vooral bekend als zijn rol van Mr. Bean, een ingetogen doch fenomenale commissaris Jules ...

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